gavée gold liquid gold peptides

Reviewed by Mark on October 24, 2014

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Although skin care products containing gold have been around for a while, a new product line uses a different approach that I found interesting enough to try one of their products. I'm in my 50s, and I tested the Gavée Gold Liquid Gold Peptides ($149).

Now, as their website makes clear, this product contains no gold particles, but instead an “extract” from the gold using a “spagyric process.” Confusing? Yes. Here’s a bit of what I read on their website:

“Our process removes the “metal” and extracts only the “nutrients” of the gold. EXTRACTION of vital nutrients through the spagyric process is the key in making gold therapeutical. Our process is like cracking open an egg and using only the “yolk” which is where all the nutrients are.”

Although I don’t understand the process, I did use the product. As directed, morning and evening I applied the serum for four weeks. This has a true serum consistency and applies best to damp skin, absorbing quickly without any residue. It has a very light natural apple fragrance that quickly dissipates. During my trial period, I did experience several benefits, with the first being that it helped to balance my oily skin. My skin type is very oily and this did help to curb some (but not all) of the oiliness and did not break me out during my use.  Sometimes my skin can tend to have a ruddy appearance and this also improved my complexion by evening out my skin tone. I also noticed it left my skin smooth (especially on my neck) and my skin overall seemed a bit firmer.

In the end, I found this product did what it said it would do.  The only negatives I found were that the website only lists the product's “key ingredients,” and the price puts this out of reach for many consumers.