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Gessato Face Treatment Serum- reader reviewed and recommended

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Sagging Skin, Face Care for Men
October 30, 2009 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Reviewed by Mark

Just mention the word Italy and it immediately conjures up images such as the Roman Coliseum, gondolas, that decadent confection called gelato, exquisite marble ruins and Gessato. What?

Gessato is a line of skin treatments for men, conceived in Italy and manufactured and marketed in the United States.  The line includes two different eye treatments, a face treatment serum, shaving treatment pre-shave oil and a shaving cream.  The company states their aim as “a range of high technology skin treatments based on natural ingredients, formulated to the most rigorous quality standards”.

For almost four weeks, I have been testing the Gessato Face Treatment Serum and found there are many things to like about it, including the ingredients hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, and E, polypeptides and eleutherococcus senticosus.  Intrigued by this last ingredient, a bit of web sleuthing revealed it to also be known as ‘Siberian or Russian Ginseng’ which has been used in China for over 2,000 years for a long laundry list of maladies.  As a relatively new addition to Western natural medicine, various websites also stated it is “an adaptogen, a substance that normalizes adverse conditions of the body”, which confirms the same claim by Gessato.  The smart technology doesn’t end with the ingredients, but extends to the container, too.  An elegant cylinder with brushed metal end caps and a clear body allow you to see how much product you have left, while an airless pump provides easy application and protects the contents from oxidation, contamination and spillage for guys on the go.  (And did I mention this is a cruelty-free product?)

The serum itself is pure white, fragrance free, and more like a thick lotion than what I really think of as a serum.   I applied it to face (avoiding the eye area) and neck after shaving in the morning and on a freshly cleansed face before bed in the evening, as directed.  Upon application, I found it to drink in quickly but does not leave a matte or dry finish.  Rather, my skin felt more ‘cushioned’ and soft, without being greasy or shiny (may be due to the hyaluronic acid, which attracts and holds water).  However, I did begin to break out around my nose and surrounding cheek area after a week of use.  Not to be outdone, I continued using the product avoiding the affected area, and it began to clear up.  Although my entire face is oily, I didn’t experience any more break outs.

The end result is a product that I found does comfort skin after shaving, keeps skin very hydrated throughout the day, improves skin texture and has even softened a line that I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on.  I would recommend Gessato Serum to all but the oiliest skin (who still may be able to successfully use it with judicious application, as I did).

(To ensure an accurate product assessment, I discontinued using all other skin products with the exception of Neutrogena Face Cleanser and Edge Shave Gel.)


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