I couple of months ago, I posted about the wolfberry and its reputed anti-oxidant prowess. Although there are abundant clinical trials attesting to this, they have mostly taken place in China and haven't been corroborated in the West. Still, I thought I'd give it a try and since then I have been starting my mornings (after the obligatory shot of caffeine) with a couple of ounces of Goji Gold.

Goji is the name under which wolfberry is commercially known. Goji Gold is a 100% juice and I think it tastes delicious. I can honestly say that I think it is making a huge difference. I feel energetic and I've been doing a good job of staving off colds (taking an extra ounce at the merest threat of a sneeze).

For the time being, goji has replaced my omega-3s. I need to think more about that, but I do worry about consuming the oil of depleted fish stocks that are laden with mercury. And you don't get that fishy after taste with the goji.