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Good news on the anti aging front

September 17, 2011 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Sometimes it seems like the effort required to turn back the clock – or at least pause it for a few seconds – can be just as stressful as the aging process itself. There are so many celebrities who look decades younger than they are, and while most of us know that they’re using expensive products and procedures, we really aren’t privy to the details, making it hard to know if their routines are possible to emulate.

And speaking of expensive, that’s another source of stress. How can you conquer those wrinkles if you can’t afford the products and treatments that promise to do so?

And treatments! That’s another tricky issue. To Botox or not to Botox – I’m sure it’s a dilemma that a sizable percentage of women face.

I’ve probably stressed you out even more, but don’t worry – I’m writing to deliver some good news. Sometimes, anti-aging is easier than we think it is.

The first step is relaxing. No, really – it may be one of the best things to combat the aging process. “Research suggests that one of the most powerful ways to counter aging is to trigger what might be called the ‘relaxation response,’ which is hard-wired into human biology as much as a the ‘fight or flight’ response to danger.” Purposeful relaxation, or taking some “you-time” out of your day intentionally, can help prevent a multitude of diseases linked with aging. It may also actually slow cellular aging, though this result requires some intense daily meditation.

Another easy (not to mention inexpensive) way to combat the aging process? Eating certain foods.  Dr. Oz has mentioned that consuming avocados can hydrate your skin. According to one source, the oils in avocados soothe inflammation of the skin. Salmon, which is high in fatty acids, is also a skin savior (though eating it upwards of 3 times a day is not something we necessarily advocate); the omega-3s found in the fish keep cell membranes healthy and reduce damaging inflammatory agents.

I know what you’re thinking; sure, a little relaxation and eating well can help make skin look good, but it’s the heavy guns that will bring about real results. Still feeling pressured to invest in Botox? Well, if you haven’t succumbed to the temptation of the toxin’s anti-wrinkle benefits, rest assured that the majority of people view your decision positively. According to a Canadian study, “women who pay for the freezing injectible are viewed by others as vain and cold, compared to women who rely on skin creams to smooth wrinkles.” Just another reason to stick with the simple, natural stuff.

Even more good news about aging arrives in a very timely fashion, as September is Menopause Awareness Month. For the past several decades, doctors and scientists have believed that there is a link between menopause and a higher risk of heart disease. “Results suggest that a natural menopause has an unfavorable effect on lipid metabolism, which may contribute to an increase in the risk of coronary disease.” However, a recent British study turns the tables on that old theory. Apparently, there is no link between menopause and heart problems; although aging does bring about a natural increased risk of heart disease, isn’t it nice to know that fluctuating hormones aren’t playing a role? So while menopause may sometimes seem like the source of all evil, there are at least some atrocities that it is not responsible for. For more on menopause and skincare, take a look at my interview with Dermastart CEO, Cherie Dobbs.

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