The GoSmile Teeth Whitening System is both fast and effective, but not exactly self-explanatory.  Its 3-step process of "Flip," "Pop," and "Whiten" is interwoven with a number of additional actions, which might need a more in-depth explanation.  To help you decipher the GoSmile procedure, we have put together a full list of instructions detailing each step, from opening the package to unveiling a sparkling smile.

  1. Remove one single-use ampoule

  2. Slide the glass applicator out of its cardboard sheath

  3. Pull the glass applicator out completely

  4. Turn the glass applicator around

  5. Push the glass applicator back into its sheath- Applicator tip should be facing out

  6. Grasp single-use ampoule between thumb and index finger

  7. Squeeze ampoule in the center until it makes cracking sound- Use two hands if more pressure is necessary

  8. Point ampoule downward to push serum into tip

  9. Hold ampoule in the middle and squeeze firmly

  10. Rub applicator in circular motions over each tooth, nook, and cranny

  11. Whitening serum releases oxygen that penetrates surface of each tooth, and stains on teeth are broken down from the inside

  12. Total application takes two minutes- Seven days of use should reveal a whiter smile