Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on July 27, 2015


I have found my summer salvation in the unlikely form of a product called Waves Sea Spray. It is a natural, corn starch-based hair styling spray that is an amazing multitasker that controls frizz and even acts as a dry shampoo.

Natural hair styling treatments that eshew chemical polymers, solvents and shine-giving silicone that a conventional hair spray relies on are a wonderful idea. The problem is that the natural alternatives fall short on performance. So when I was given a corn starch-based spray to test, my expectations were close to zero. I couldn’t have had less grounds for pessimism; Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray ($26.99) is a wonderful product.

I used Waves Sea Spray as instructed, spraying on to dry hair and then scrunching by hand. It can also be used to good effect on damp hair that is then casually blow waved. My naturally wavy hair becomes impossibly frizzy in humid weather and this spray kept things under control all day. Now, this is not a product for sleek shine. As the name implies, think beach waves (but those of a calm, clear day, rather than the result of a stray typhoon).

The biggest surprise was that I can go an extra day before I need to wash my hair. Waves Sea Spray has the effect of a dry shampoo. I am guessing that this is due to the corn starch, which blots up excess oil. Anyway, it’s a great bonus from a product that had already surpassed my expectations.

The majority of the other ingredients are doing their part for healthy hair. An interesting inclusion is saccharina longicruris, a seaweed that has a laminaran that boosts collagen production (source) and there’s plenty of research to demonstrate its anti-aging prowess. There are at least two ingredients that may help hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the follicle – caffeine and ginger. So I found myself especially pleased that I had a styling/taming tool that complements my Truth Vitality hair growth regimen.

The only downside to my Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray is that my husband has permanently “borrowed “ it. He isn’t a hair gel kind of guy and relies on some strange force of anti-gravity to keep his hair pushed back off his forehead. However, the humid weather has given him a serious case of floppy bangs syndrome. It is most unbecoming and even one of his guy friends remarked on it over lunch. I suggested he try my new spray and was smugly very happy to see that it worked a treat – until I realized I would never get it back.