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Gurunanda Pulling Oil Review

gurunanda pulling oil
February 20, 2015 Reviewed by JulieKay 3 Comments
TRU Rating
A nice blend of oils that works perfectly well for pulling


Ease of use with the included cup


Is extremely high priced

Among all the many “ifs” in my life, “if I’d found oil pulling earlier” easily hits the top three given the benefits it’s shown my body and overall health. I first discovered oil pulling at least a decade ago from a friend who lives in Arizona and was knowledgeable in a variety of naturopathic remedies. Oil pulling was merely a side note in a conversation we had one day; one that I immediately Googled when I hung up the phone. I found the whole idea fascinating. It wasn’t a week later I had myself hooked up with cold-pressed, unrefined sunflower oil from PPC and had dived right in.

That began an 18-month regimen of oil pulling that proved to be life altering. The first and always (for first timers, tentative, and short-term experimenters) the most obvious benefit is oral hygiene. The tissues in my mouth became so well circulated and plump that flossing wasn’t necessary (although flossing actually is part of my regimen); and my teeth, which have a genetic tendency to yellow (I don’t smoke or drink coffee) had never been whiter — not even when I had them professionally whitened at the dentist’s office.

When I do something, I’m “all in.” So with my first foray into oil pulling, I practiced this every day, 24/7. Other effects I can attribute to pulling: Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decrease in sinus infections, definite “immunity effect” to airborne viruses.

I’m 64 now. At 61, I had an ultrasound performed on my neck artery. My doctor warned me, I assume to try to keep me from freaking out, “Everyone has some plaque buildup here at our age; even I have plaque.” The test results revealed I had zero plaque in my artery. My doctor was amazed and said this was outstanding news for me at “my age.” For me, it’s been a godsend for my circulatory system all around. I attribute this to my on-again, off-again love affair with oil pulling.

I say this last bit because although oil pulling is simply amazing and I encourage everyone to add it into their life routines, I have to admit it’s a pain in the butt to commit to it forever. Oil is a real “commitment.” But… I always come back to it. Sometimes six weeks later; sometimes six months later. So when Truth In Aging asked me to test and review the Gurunanda Pulling Oil ($14.95), I didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes!”

GuruNanda is what I would have to label a “boutique” oil that comes in an 8-oz bottle. GuruNanda boasts Ayurvedic practices, but honestly, this is just a jar of a nice blend of oils: sunflower, sesame, coconut and peppermint. They have added a little cup — one of those medicinal ones you often get with cough medicine to measure your “dose.” I haven’t bothered to bring out a tablespoon and see if that’s what I’m using, and my eyesight is too poor to see the minuscule numbers on the cup. I just pour what I know my mouth can take for a 15-18 minute pulling session.

There are minimum instructions. I’m completely and utterly irked by this. GuruNanda waves the Ayurveda flag, and Oil pulling IS among the ancient practices and has precise rules. To this end, I offer the following:  To get full benefits or any benefits, for that matter, one must pull in an unused mouth, preferably first thing upon waking before any action whatsoever — no water, no food, nothing. If one waits till later in the day, the rule of thumb is: One hour after water, two hours after juice or other beverages, and four hours after a meal. None of this is stated in regard to this product.

I’ve been using GuruNanda now for 45 days. I quite like it for oil pulling. I like the ease of use with the little cup. The peppermint removes any nasty properties from the other oils, although that has never been a factor for me. I’ve used sunflower and coconut oils and have preferred coconut oil prior to using this product. The oil works perfectly well for pulling. Upon spitting into the toilet bowl after 15 minutes of use, the oil has turned a cloudy white, which is what you want to see. I have nothing negative to say about how this oil feels, tastes or works.

What have I seen or felt over this past six weeks? First off was the oral hygiene improvement, but that was no surprise. My teeth are amazingly whiter. I also happen to be going to the dentist for some (still ongoing) extensive work and after each session where there is any frayed tissue and sensitivity due to this, it only took the next morning’s pull to completely heal my mouth tissue. Amazing, right? After pulling for about 10 days, a couple things occurred in tandem. Immediately after pulling (and flossing and brushing my teeth), I feel lighter in spirit. I have been suffering moderate to severe depression for the last few years, so trust me when I say I could feel this “lightening.” I missed one day of oil pulling in the past month, and I definitely felt slightly more “heavy” or laden that day. The other thing that was becoming obvious was I was falling asleep more efficiently. I’m a lifelong insomniac. I have a whole evening long protocol of medications to make this body fall asleep, and for all that, it sometimes takes me two hours (or more) after I turn off the lights and lying in bed “playing possum” until my body shuts down. Now, I fall asleep within 20 to 30 minutes consistently. These two things alone will keep me oil pulling for the time being. I’ve also been losing weight, and although I can’t attribute this solely to pulling, I think it’s a big assist. In the past I’ve attributed my lower blood pressure and low cholesterol to oil pulling, but I won’t risk anyone’s health by making absolute statements. I will tell you I had an echogram on my carotid artery (in my neck) performed at 61 years and I had zero plaque.

Now, for the downside. One bottle lasted me 24 days, and I have a very small mouth (according to my dentist). For those who likely would use a full tablespoon in each use, that duration would decline. At $14.95 per bottle, this oil is extremely high priced. I bought a second bottle to continue my testing, and, yes, I myself am inclined to continuing with this product simply because I’m “practicing” something I know is helping me, and I don’t want a blip to cause any failure in my design plan. I’m lazy, and the smallest thing will give me cause to discontinue my routine. I have enough reasons to say “Yes!” to this Oil Pulling oil. It’s up to you whether the cost is worth it. And yet, just now, as I went online to Amazon to order yet a third bottle, I came across Fractionated Coconut Oil (Liquid). At $14.47 for a 16-oz. bottle and free shipping with Prime , I ordered this in addition to GuruNanda. I’ll now be doing a comparison test, perhaps? Life is quite a mystery.

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  • September 27, 2015

    by Lora

    Thank you Julie for detailed and encouraging review ! based on your review i purchased & have been puling for over a week . My hope is simply to improve dental . A rather far reaching hope with less flares of lupus* & heart * ( which the lupus affected ) .
    Jodee , as Julie expressed the instructions lack important details which her review provides . I went to the site & it does share more in depth information ; also why the chosen oils and doshas . It already contains peppermint oil but i believe one can add a little more. I've read others have added tea tree etc. i would think alcohol free be best . . To health ***

  • July 27, 2015

    by SummerStorms

    Julie, thank you for this review. I have been a skeptic about oil pulling (ok, a bit skeptical a person in general at times) and hearing this very in depth review, about something that isn't even stocked here (and a technique that has worked for you in the past with more basic oils), is great.

  • July 26, 2015

    by Jodee

    • Do you think each of the oils in the Gurunanda Pulling Oil have different benefits that might make it more effective than a single oil used for oil pulling?
    • Could you add some Peppermint Oil to the Gurunanda Pulling Oil to mask or diminish the coconut flavour?

    Great review!

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