We here at Truth in Aging have seen many a comment from our readers about certain cosmetic products that just seemed to be a mess. They either smelled bad or had some bad effect on your skin, and in the past all you could really do was hope for your money back. That has finally changed thanks to MedWatch.

With MedWatch now on the prowl,  individuals can either call or go to the site and report an issue that you’ve had with a product. Issues can involve odd coloring, bad odor, and adverse physical reactions to products. Even if you’ve applied the product on wrong and had a reaction, you can still report it. The FDA really wants to crack down on companies that are using unsafe ingredients  and if enough people report, this would help the FDA single them out.

Products that you can report include perfumes, face paints, hair removal creams, permanent makeup, baby lotions and oils, deodorants, and face and body cleansers.

The FDA seems to finally tackling the cosmetics industry which has been roaming free for the most part. Procedures like the The Brazilian Keratin Treatment haven’t faced nearly enough scrutiny and there have been controversial products on the market for years. But the FDA seems to be righting itself, recently even going after the relatively small company behind StemCellin Deep Wrinkle Serum for the way they were marketing their products.

You can access the MedWatch site here or call 1-800-332-1088