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Healing and Removing Scars

Reviewed by DannyEngland February 12, 2011 52 Comments

Many of you asked how I removed my scarring, so here is some information for you all. After my attack, I was left with slash marks on both cheeks and I had nasty marks on my forehead where the druggie had stamped on my head wearing boots. The boots left an imprint, tore my scalp and stones lodged into my forehead. I had horrid marks all over.

So I was devastated. Not just from a vain point of view, but every time I looked in the mirror I didn’t want to see the damage that had been done and be reminded of the incident. So I set to work. Now, I had always used skin care products and read up lots and lots about it so I had a good knowledge of skin and its workings.

I waited until my skin had healed. Well, I woke up out of coma 11 months after my attack. The damage had healed. My doctors had done a good job at stitching, the wounds, cleaning them and removing any debris, but I still looked a terrible mess. I asked my Consultant to show me a scan of my face. I could see the cracks in my scull and jaw etc and he was able to do an ultra sound to tell me how deep the scarring went. Thankfully, most were superficial but they would not get any better due to being rips and forced trauma. One was raised and, well, it was horrid.

I started to read about peels and how to remove damaged skin. I also looked into dermabrasion, not the normal type but the kind done in surgery with a scouring pad. It made me feel sick and in the pictures I saw the skin looked so plastic afterwards that I decided to do it my way.

My skin needed gently coaxing into letting go of those layers that were scarred. So I devised a regime of peels to be done every 2 weeks. Yes, every 2 weeks, but they were very mild so healing was quick and rapid with no down time. I went online and found a most lovely lady who helped me in every way. I’m not sure if she has been mentioned in the forum before but her name is Julie Robbins and she makes retinoic acid peels in different strengths. I emailed her and she recommended a few products. I needed a peel that would help with the damaged DNA and at the same time increase my skin’s ability to rebuild my the dermal matrix. Retinoic acid was my chosen ingredient due to all of rejuvenating factors. I had used retin A before and had seen its benefits but I wanted something that was less artificial in a base that would nourish my skin at the same time. She was selling it, so I was sorted.

I also needed a super serum to heal the skin and support this rebuilding so I went online and bought some copper peptide and pure low molecular hyaluronic acid serum. I was prescribed some strong epidermal growth factor normally used for burn patients and I had read about L-proline and its benefits for collagen and skin so I got loads of that powder. I also got some centella extract for its healing capacity and, erm, what was the other, oh yes, beta glucan powder, ferulic acid and carnosine to help with the new cell production.

I got a bowl, mixed them together and there was my potent rebuilding mixture. I made it in big batches and kept it in the fridge. I used a variety of deep moisturizers and cleansers at this time to nourish my skin, including Sarah Chapman’s Oil Cleanser and Oil Serum at night.

Next the peels. I applied them every two weeks, as instructed, using cotton buds to apply directly to my face and massaging the really bad areas. Three days later I peeled just a teeny paper-thin amount. I used tons of my mixture with those disposable face mask things. So that was my regular routine. I peeled and then healed and peeled and healed. Only small amounts of skin came away so I had no down time or redness or irritation.

After three moths I saw a massive difference. My skin was brighter and some of the scarring was flatter and less noticeable. Also the color of the scarring had started to even out and match my normal skin tone. But I still had more to go.

I got a slightly stronger retinoic acid peel from Julie and she blended it with some HA and other actives and it was amazing. It allowed me to peel very gently but more frequently. The epidermal growth factor was so strong I almost healed overnight.

A year later things were looking better. I had undergone lots of surgery in that year but I kept to my plan and did my peels I even instructed the Nurse how to do it whilst I was in Intensive care for a while. She thought I was mad, but she saw the results and I get it for her now!!

I had four holes in my face from stones that were kicked in. They were pitted scarring so I spoke to Julie and I bought a Cross TCA kit and I gently applied a teeny drop of TCA into the marks. I did this every month. My skin was a lot smoother now and I noticed I was line free. Totally. How amazing was that! I was able to get some concentrated collagen amino acid cream with GABA from Julie and mixed it into my serums to keep the skin from wrinkling so the new skin layers being produced would remain line free. It worked a treat.

My skin was a bit dry as it was working overtime to make new skin so on the advice of a dermatologist added grape seed oil and camellia oil to my mixture. She also told me to get a very short needle dermaroller and to use it carefully on the area that needed more attention than others. Wow it worked so well.

Now many of you have heard of the Hayflick limit or what ever its called, I was so worried about over doing it and losing the ability to make new cells that I approached a rather famous dermatologist and explained about my treatment and mixture used and he said I would be okay as I was using potent actives to keep the cells coming.

If you imagine a piece of wood in which there are small grooves that you have to sand down to make it smooth. This is what I did to my face, but not by taking away loads of layers at a time just teeny amounts at a time whilst producing new layers deep down.

After two years, the scars were gone. The deep marks had filled themselves in from the cross peels and the rest had sloughed away slowly but surely. Everyone said I looked so well and so much younger, I had an ultra sound on my skin and it was really healthy and thick. I had no lines at all which was so amazing.

Now this may seem like an aggressive treatment regimen but because I bathed my skin and saturated them with nutrients I had no problems at all. Someone could have had this type of scarring removed with maybe two or three deep peels or one wire dermabrasion peel but the massive amount of trauma caused to the skin would have played havoc and left a weird waxy look to the skin.

So now I help lots of people to remove scarring after trauma and I have 6 people who I treat every week now as I want then to get over the accidents fully and get back to normal life again.  I also help Julie out on her website and advise people who to remove scarring and marks on their faces. I guess experience is the best way of learning. I’ve learned that we need to treat the skin kindly and not have massive deep resurfacing treatments that traumatize the skin and make vast amounts of inflammation in the skin Our skin is an amazing thing and it shows you what can be achieved.

So I’ve had a kidney and liver transplant as a result of the accident, as well as dozens and dozens of surgeries and masses of medications. I’ve had a Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant, (4th machine now as they kept on breaking). But my face looks kind of cool now so when I look in the mirror I see the old Danny smiling back at me.

Any questions please fire away. I could have made this article 20 times as long but I’m aware of space so I cut it down to this.

  • December 30, 2013

    by Marta

    Gunnar, that's a great idea. We had a feature like that a few years ago and it got lost along the way. I'll put it on our tech to do list. Many thanks for the idea!

  • December 30, 2013

    by Gunnar


    Is there a possibility one could add articles to favourites on here, sort of like what we do when adding products to our compare/wish list? There are so many great articles, and being able to store them here would be a fantastic addition to the site. Benefits:

    1. Overview. As with the wishlist, you have a place where you can store what is most important for you. Certainly, one could bookmark such articles in Chrome or IE or Avant Browser, for instance, but they don't have the competitive edge of:

    2. Integration. Basically everything you need in regards skin care is gathered on one single site, rather than from a plethora of different sites: this becomes the go-to place when rechecking ingredients, finding regimens and products.

    3. Problem-solving. Whenever a concern regarding skin conditions, skin care products, ingredients or regimens arrive, due to the integration and quick overview a wish list / compare list / favourite aritcles list would give the customer, we will become even more attached to the site due to superior user-friendliness.

    What do you think? I know that not too long ago gave its members the possibility of adding poems and articles from its vaste archives and magazine issues to "favourites". They've only strengthened their possition as the go-to website because of how they create a world within their site for the users to not just skim, but interact in.

    All I know is that I have a huge list of articles on here that I want to add to a favourites list. I doubt I'm alone in that regard--where there is one consumer there tends to be a whole consumer segment. There's no coincidence successful inventions just happen to adress/fill needs--needs create possibilities. Speaking on my own behalf, I think this is a great possibility to increase customer loyality, activity, self-education, an even more interactive community and by extension sales.

    Well, that was more than just two cents. Anyway, I just felt like I had to get this user tip out there -- for a long time I've briefly thought, "how nice if I could bookmark this on my TIA account", then forgetting about it later on; having read this excellent article, though, "how nice" changed to "how fantastic", "how ingenious", and I just had to let my thoughts out here.

    TY for an inspiring and educative article, Danny

  • April 17, 2013

    by Susan Healy

    I really hope this is a legitimate post otherwise you are giving people with serious scarring false hope! U cannot get rid of scarring. I know from personal experience.

  • March 21, 2013

    by Isaac

    Please email me! I need your help and want to know everything you did/used to remove your scars. Thanks!

  • December 26, 2012

    by Misty

    Hi, what exact epidermal growth factor did you use? thank you.

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