Reviewed by Leslie

After a year plus of happily coloring my hair with Surya Henna Brasil Cream, I decided to try a new "natural" hair coloring product called Naturcolor ($14.95). It's made in Italy for Herbaceuticals and is advertised as a "Permanent Spagyric Herbal Based Haircolor Gel to Cover Gray Hair" with no ammonia or resorcinal.

I've loved the way the Surya Henna has left my hair incredibly soft and shiny and full. But it was having increasing trouble covering my gray temples and thought I'd give this a shot.

One thing that I find remarkable is that it leaves NO color residue after the initial rinse (hence permanent?). Not on the towel, not on the pillowcase. It has much better gray coverage and you can mix and match the colors to customize your own shade, which they encourage you to do. It went on easily, and looks very good.
My hair doesn't have quite the same amount of shine as with the Henna, but it is still very soft and natural feeling. I only bought one brown shade to start, but next time will mix it with a red to get more of an auburn highlight. If the lovely folks at TIA would like to vet the ingredients, I will be even happier to know it's not harmful in any way!

TIA adds: It is very interesting that there is a 3% dose of hydrogen peroxide. This is naturally occurring, builds up over time and some researchers think is the cause of gray hair. Most people will recognize it as a teeth whitening ingredient and mixed with ammonium hydroxide it is the “peroxide blonde’s” hair bleach of choice. So it would seem somewhat counter-intuitive to see it being used in a gray hair cover up. It is combined here with etidronic acid, used typically to stop peroxides from degrading. Etidronic acid may be an environmental pollutant and it inhibits calcium metabolism (although it seems that it is easily ejected by the body via urine - source).

The only real nasty is sodium metabisulfite, an irritant and possible toxin – but, according to tests only at high doses.

Ingredients in Naturcolor:
Spagyric (TM) Herbal Infusion, Burdock, Centella Asiatica, Nettle, Sage, Hops, Lavender, Rosemary, Lecithin, Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Soy, Oleic Acid, Ethanolamine, Shea Butter, Mango Glycerides, Chamomile Extract, Vegetable Resin Extract, Bilberry Extract, Red Sorrel Extract, Walnut Extract, Sodium Metabisulfite, Jasmine Absolute Ascorbic Acid, Hydrolized Wheat Protein, P-Phenlyenediamine, P-Eminophenol, M-Aminophenol.

Ingredients in Naturfix:
Water, glycol, hydrogen peroxide (3%), etidronic acid