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HerCut The Shag Catalyst- reader reviewed and recommended

Is a Solution for:
Dry or Brittle Hair, Limp Hair, Dull Hair
April 29, 2010 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Tested by Sandra

When I received the product, HerCut The Shag Catalyst I thought it would be used mainly for my niece who has thick, curly, short hair, with lots of layers. She frequently straightens her hair which gives it a shag type look. I soon realized it would be useful for most of us in our household.

My niece felt she did not see a difference in her hair when using the product after straightening her hair.

She did feel it worked when she styled it curly. I can say however that there was a definite difference either way she styled her hair. When her hair is curly the product causes the individual curls to be more free flowing and piecey. It also lends much to volumizing the hair. This is great if you have thin hair, however if you already have full and thick hair it may cause it to look too thick. Of course being a woman with thin hair I have to ask myself if there is any such thing as having hair that is too thick. The product causes the hair to feel soft and never crunchy, lighter, seems to hold the style longer, and just seems to cause the hair to lay right. I tried using the product in my son's short hair, which if he were a woman would be more akin to a pixie cut. His hair is very prone to the greasies and not only did the product cause his hair to be soft, full, and shiny, but it kept if from getting that greasy look by mid-day.

After seeing the results in their hair, I decided to have my niece to apply the product to my hair. Being careful to avoid the scalp, as I am prone to many chemical sensitivities and wanted to reduce my chances of having one, I had her apply it to my hair about ¼ of an inch from my scalp and down. My hair became very full looking and gave it that beachy piecey look that I tend to like so well. I also was able to go the next day without washing my hair.  This almost never happens because it gets greasy usually by evening.

There are only two cons to the product. The first is that you need to have wet hair to use the product which may interfere with your regime if you take showers in the evening. The second problem that you may encounter is a pump malfunction.  Many people on Sephora reported that the pump did not work correctly for them either initially upon using the product, or after several uses. I wanted to try the product many times over before turning in my review so that I could report how this would or would not work out for us. I'm happy to report that we are half way through using the product and it has pumped out perfectly for us every use. For me the scent was a little strong(It smells like a very potent honey suckle) upon pumping it out initially, but it quickly dies down into something subtle and should not compete with any fragrances you may be using.

All in all I love the product. It has given me a family who can look forward to many good hair days to come. Now I'm looking forward to trying, “HerCut Long Layers Catalyst” for my her cut.

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