When your face gets scorched by the sun or roasted under a humidity wave, the delicate skin of the lips is often the first to feel damage. Your choices are either to suffer in silence or to nip dryness in the bud. If you choose the latter, a homemade lip balm is a great way to treat chaps, cracks, and sores while using up odd ends around the kitchen. The following honey-based recipe will not only help keep your lips soft and healthy-looking, but it is also truly good enough to eat!

The most fun part about our honey lip balm recipe is that it's entirely customizable based on your own taste and mood. Beyond the base of honey and olive oil, you can experiment with the other ingredients as you wish. Though we recommend squalane for its superior moisturizing capacity, you can try substituting with a cooking oil like canola. We selected lemon and pomegranate oils for added antioxidants and fragrance preference, but you can also use almond, strawberry, cinnamon, orange, anise, cherry, vanilla, and peppermint oils. If you decide to go with an extract (which is water-based) instead of a flavored oil, you'll need to shake the mixture thoroughly before application.

All of the aforementioned oils and extracts are easy to find and have a mild odor that won't overpower your natural scent. When mixed with the key emollients, our lip balm is thick to the touch and absorbs into the lips almost instantly, making them feel noticeably hydrated and plump. As we've covered before, olive oil is one of the best botanicals for skin care due to its remarkably high antioxidant capacity. Meanwhile, honey is both a natural skin-softener and a powerful antibacterial agent. Because of its low shimmer factor and colorless transparency, our homemade balm is perfect for men and women alike.

  1. The ingredients are: honey, olive oil, squalane, lemon oil, and pomegranate seed oil.

  2. Pour two teaspoons of honey in a small mixing bowl. Honey is an excellent treatment for chapped and cracked lips. Honey not only moisturizes and heals lips, but it also is antibacterial and will thus keep cuts from getting infected.

  3. Add one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is one of the best emollients for the mouth area since it can be safely injested.

  4. Next, add one teaspoon of squalane (derived from olives).

  5. Pour in one teaspoon of lemon oil, which softens skin and adds scent.

  6. Lastly, squeeze out about 1/4 teaspoon of pomegranate seed oil (optional).

  7. Stir together all the ingredients until an even consistency is reached.

  8. This recipe produces 2 tablespoons of lip balm that will last (unrefrigerated) 2-3 weeks.

  9. Apply to the lips continually throughout the day and at night as needed.