The Academy Awards is the biggest night of the year for celebrities to, in essence, celebrate themselves. To the outside world, this glittering event gives a glimpse into what the stars are really like when they are not in character. What is their red carpet fashion sense? Who will fall apart when the winner is announced and botch the acceptance speech? And just how flawless are their figures and complexions up close? With scrutiny and ridicule ready to pounce on their every move, the pressure’s on. So what are the stars’ secret cosmetic procedures to prepare for their grand moment in the spotlight?

Let’s start from the ground up. For most mere mortals, the feet are one of the most unsightly parts of the body. See exhibit A above (yes, that bare foot belongs to an actual celebrity walking the red carpet- no name calling necessary, but this person is a prime example of reconstructive surgery overdose). Several months before they make their appearance on the red carpet, celebrities with congenital foot disorders seek out corrective procedures to slim fat toes, shorten long toes, and get a pinky “toe tuck”. If they’ll be sporting 4-inch strappy stilettos, they might get a special surgery on the bottom of their feet that creates a form of internal padding, which lasts up to nine months. 24 hours before the big night, bunions get anti-inflammatory injections, and toes get whitening treatments.

As far as their bodies are concerned, Botox is no longer the select realm of wrinkles. Cosmetic dermatologists such as Dr. Patricia Wexler administer Botox injections under the breasts to give sagging cleavage a little lift. Celebrities also rely on Botox to avoid sweat stains around the armpits. Around eight to ten injections under the arms stave off perspiration, and the dry effect can endure for up to a year. If a celebrity (or designer) is unhappy with the fitting of the all-important gown mere moments before the event, it is sometimes easier to take in a human waistline than to alter a finished piece de resistance. Needing only a few days of recovery time, last-minute lipo has become an increasingly common solution to unwanted curves.

The face is, of course, an actor’s most prized possession. In the months leading up to the biggest party in Tinsel Town, stars over 40 turn to the Volumetric Face Lift, which displaces fat from their abdomen and inserts it in the cheeks or above the lip to create a sculpting effect. Clients in their late 30’s often undergo the One Stitch Facelift, a procedure pioneered by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, because its results are subtler than a full facelift. To get more chiseled cheekbones and contoured jaw lines, stars frequent facial fillers like Radiesse, Sculputra, and Botox, which doubles as a treatment for skin conditions. If all the stress of getting ready results in a breakout, Cortisone injections are an old stand-by to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

So, the next time you hear stars on the red carpet attribute their youthful features and figures to Pilates or genetics, you’ll know the truth. Months of preparation precede awards season to make these regular women resemble Oscar-worthy goddesses.