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How to deal with makeup melt

June 26, 2012 Reviewed by admin 1 Comment
Truth #25: Melt-proof makeup doesn’t exist.

Women are always looking for “melt-proof makeup” and unless you tattoo it on or get some pretty heavy shellac for your face, all makeup will eventually slide and melt when temperatures rise, humidity steams up, and sweat mixes with natural oils on the face. Whatever you could put on your face that is able to survive these elements is definitely not good for your skin. The ingredients that cause long wear often dry out the skin, which promotes aging. Another common quality of long-lasting, melt-proof formulas is they coat the skin with a barrier which doesn’t allow it to “breathe” properly. Skin’s need to breathe is important as a detoxification method for the body. Healthy pores that can’t breathe get clogged and turn into blemished pores.

So the question is: would you rather have beautiful, healthy, youthful-looking skin or a face full of makeup that won’t budge all day?

For some women the answer is not so simple; they feel naked without their face and/or they have a lifestyle, career or event in which wearing more makeup is part of the expectation.

During the boiling summer days usually the air conditioning in most places is enough to freeze you out and certainly wouldn’t cause makeup to melt. For the situations like an outdoor party where you might want to look your best and have no respite for cooler air, then I can see needing a “melt-resistant” plan.

Here’s how to look put together during the summer months:

Rule #1 – The less foundation the better! The more stuff you have coating your skin, the more likely it will move and shift and slide when your skin begins to perspire, taking the rest of the color with it.

Rule #2 – Create a makeup look that is focused on lips or eyes and tone down everything else.

Rule #3 – Powder it up. A light dusting of powder will set foundation, blush and make sure eye shadow stays in place.

Rule #4 – To get fairly crease-proof eye makeup, start with a shadow primer on the lids and then layer your powder eye shadow on top.

Rule #5 – Use a waterproof eyeliner to keep up definition. Try not to go for black eyeliner, but use a dark brown and set it with a coordinating powder to really maximize its staying power and soften the look.

Rule #6 – Use waterproof mascara only on top lashes. Waterproof can still run when mixed with sweat, so be attentive.

Rule #7 – Blot and dab, don’t wipe. If you start sweating, don’t wipe your skin or your makeup will come off too. Instead, blot sweat with a tissue, dab the makeup with fingers, smushing it back into place if it’s wandered at all.
  • December 14, 2012

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