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How to Get Dewy Skin

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Dry Skin, Oily Skin
November 25, 2011 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

Dear Marta,

I am 44 and I’d like a recommendation for a moisturizer that gives really dewy skin.

Dear S,

I was just about to start typing out some moisturizer recommendations and then realized that I needed to do some more thinking. And the more I thought, the more it struck me that there’s a lot more to dewy skin than a moisturizer. In fact, if you rely only on a moisturizer you could risk gravitating towards one that is too rich, blocks pores and may even cause breakouts. Dewy skin requires a few more steps. So here’s my countdown to a festive glow.

First, it’s all about good exfoliation. Not too much, just enough. Your key investment would be an electronic brush, such as the Clarisonic Brush. Even the cheaper versions, such as the Sirius Skinsonic ($49.95 in the TIA shop) or the Spa Sonic are up to the job. What they do is gently lift the dead skin cells and debris, preparing your face for cleansing and the better penetration of your potions and lotions.

Masks are also a great help and it’s a good idea to switch between one that exfoliates and one that hydrates or nourishes (say once a week for each). My personal favorite is the gentle glycolic mask from La Vie Celeste. An interesting hybrid – exfoliating and hydrating – is Chella’s Resurfacing Mask ($63)  – and I find that I can use it even when my skin is being more sensitive the usual. Surprisingly, Tilvee’s pomegranate mask  ($27 in the TIA shop) leaves my skin looking glowing even if just mixed with water (you can mix the fruit powders with yoghurt, toner or even a moisturizer if you want).

For someone in their early to mid 40s with relatively good skin, I think you’d find Skin Nutrition Cell CPR would be all you need. Although it has a light texture, don’t underestimate it. Cell CPR ($170) does seem to provide the nourishment that skin needs to look in good condition (the kind that elicits compliments), plus it is bringing tons of antioxidants so that this is a light moisturizer and serum all in one.

If on a tight budget then you could try Sevani’s Rapid Renewal serum and skip my other suggestions as it does exfoliate as well as it is a skin brightener as well as exfoliator ($65 in the TIA shop). If you feel that you need additional hydration you could add in a good moisturizer that won’t break the bank such as Tilvee’s Argan Oil and Seabuckthorn (($27 in the TIA shop) enriched with antioxidant butters such as avocado.

Finally, and I know that this is not very sexy, but a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables seems to help quite a lot. Especially, the green leafy ones so learn to love your kale, collards and spinach.

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