One of my favorite products is Tracie Martyn's Amla. Much more of a treatment than a cleanser, I swear it keeps my rosacea at bay and is the best cleanser I have found: it actually cleans the skin (you'd think it would be obvious, but many so-called gentle cleansers are useless and anything stronger seems to have been mixed with white spirit), closes pores, sloughs off dead cells and leaves you looking fresh and rosy.

A comment in an earlier post, however, prompted me explain how you actually use it. Directions come with the packaging but they aren't as detailed as the demo you get if you buy it from Tracie's salon. And at $65 for a very small bottle, its worth getting it right.

The Amla method:

First you wet hands with water.

Pump twice, three times at most, to get a dime size blob of cleanser in your palm and rub your bands together to create a lather.

Then you massage for several minutes into your face. Note: your face is DRY. You have not wet your face ONLY your hands. If you use it on a wet face you may as well empty the bottle down the drain.

At this point either rinse off with tepid water (using your hands, never a washcloth) or leave it on for extra penetration while you hop in the shower.

Follow this and I defy anyone not to keep a bottle going for at least six to eight months.