woman taking a selfie outside

Move over Kim Kardashian, you aren’t the only one to take the perfect selfie. I must admit that my new-found shutter skills come after taking the most appalling pictures of myself. Since it is the season for sending distant relatives selfies wearing their Christmas issue hats, sweaters, whatever, I wasn’t being let off the hook. After several utterly cringe-worthy, hit the delete button now, experiences, I realized that the selfie requires a bit of technique. So, from one who learned the hard way, here are a few tips.

The most important selfie rule is angle. It will take a bit of trial and error to find out what is the most flattering for you. Mine turns out to be slightly above the eyeline and a slight angle pointing down, say 45 degrees. Result: no double chins, dodgy shadows or flared nostrils.

Avoid fluorescent light and if at all possible face natural light full on. If you are at an angle or sideways to a window, the light will fall on your face at an unflattering angle and give the impression of harsh wrinkles.

Work out your look. Do you look better full face to camera, or at a slight turn? Better with a grin from ear to ear or a subtle smirk? Experiment, find out what looks best and then make it all your own.

Oh and the selfie stick is social death.

And once you have perfected your selfie, send them in to Truth In Aging. To get the ball rolling, these are my selfies (before and after figuring it all out).

marta before and after perfecting her selfie

With the holiday season winding down, tell me, what do you do to keep yourself feeling your best — inside and out — this time of year?

I was thrilled to see many of you send in selfies! Some of my favorites are below. Keep sharing your gorgeous faces by emailing us your selfie along with your name and age and we'll be sure to share it!


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