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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on January 15, 2016

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by Lisa R.

First off, supplements are a tricky category to review. Most supplements take quite a while to get into your system on a regular basis and yield results. That being said, I reviewed HUM Artic Repair ($60) supplement, stating it is clinically shown to rejuvenate the skin & reduce wrinkles. The coveted ingredient is lingonberry seeds and a “rare oil only available at HUM." I think the rare oil is also the oil from the lingonberry seed.  

From the HUM website, it said results found that the use of the beta carotene of vitamin A & vitamin E found in Artic Repair for 12 weeks improved skin roughness and scaling. It further said that a similar study concluded vitamin E among other antioxidants held modest effects in preventing sun damage. It seems that the Lingonberries prevented weight gain in mice and lowered blood sugar levels & cholesterol in a high fat high sugar diet. 

Considering I am writing this review after 4-5 weeks of use, I can’t say that I notice any results as far as my skin looking any better. It states it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin hydration. Perhaps I haven’t seen results because I haven’t used it for the 12 weeks it says shows skin improvement. Or perhaps since I’m in my late 40s I’m too far gone to show results from the supplement end of things. Perhaps if I only had slight wrinkles I could tell a difference. Sadly that’s not the case.

 It costs $60.00 and that would be because they are very careful with sustainability, non-GMO, gluten free and premium quality.  All in all, I would say that if you also want a supplement that helps with a high fat, high sugar diet it would be worth it, because you’d get two benefits in one. But just for a skin improving supplement, I personally don’t think it’s worth the price, plus there isn’t enough in one bottle to get to the twelve weeks to see results.