hyalogic episilk facial mist

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 2, 2014


by Nicole

I was given the chance to review the Hyalogic Episilk Facial Mist ($19.95 in the shop) through Truth In Aging. At first, I was skeptical of this mist moisturizer (how can a mist actually moisturize?), but I have to say I love it! I'm in my 40s and live in Arizona — a moisturizer has to be the most important thing for my skin next to a sunscreen.

When I received it, I noticed there were no instructions (I always look for instructions — you just never know), so I did my normal routine; I washed my face, then used this mist. I didn’t like it. I did the same routine in the morning, and again that night. Too tacky (I tried not to overdo it), so I washed my face again and used a little less to make sure I didn’t do it wrong. Same thing. It dries very, very quickly, which is nice — my skin felt soft, but not hydrated. So, I googled it, as I should have from day one. Voilà!

It is recommended that you use a serum Hyalogic carries to aid in moisturizing and such. I did not purchase that. Shampoo companies always want/expect you to use the correlating conditioner (even though I do not always do that), so I figured my moisturizer should be adequate for now. The information that I read helped me understand this product much better. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is great for anti-aging. It has water-holding properties and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! We actually have hyaluronic acid in our bodies. Much like collagen, it depletes over time. Aha! So, I washed my face, and then I spritzed it with the Hyalogic. After that, I moisturized. Loved it. Never, ever in my life have I tried a product that gave me any visible result. This did. I could actually see a plumpness to my skin, plus it looked very clean and hydrated! I got the exact same results each time I washed my face and used the mist in between moisturizing. If this worked so nicely for me using my drugstore moisturizer, I can’t imagine how much better it would be to use the serum Hyalogic recommends. I try not to be biased when I try something new, but I admit I was a little biased with this product, at first. But now, I get it. This mist is a “vehicle” to get your moisturizer (or Hyalogic’s serum, of course) to work optimally. I should add that Hylalogic uses pure hyaluronic acid in this product.

I am so pleased that I tried this. I am certainly going to get this mist, again! I trust Truth In Aging when I am shopping for anything face and skin, and I understand why they carry this product. It really does work.