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Idelt Majeur Light Emulsion - reviewed and rejected

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Face Care for Men
March 16, 2010 Reviewed by Mark 0 Comments
Skin care products seldom present a challenge. You try the product and pretty quickly find out if it works for you or not. It wasn’t quite so cut and dried this time with Idelt Majeur Light Emulsion. This light emulsion, recommended for all skin types, is unassumingly packaged in a squeeze tube in a plain white box.

The way the package insert describes Idelt: “is a balanced combination of borage oil, fish oil, walnut oil and wheat germ oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that actively nourishes the skin.” If you look then to the bottom of the insert you see the following statement: “The characteristic smell of the oils rich in essential fatty acids contained in this product can increase in contact with the skin or the air. This is normal. It may be less evident if the tube is stored in the refrigerator.”

I always try to follow instructions, hoping for optimal results and popped the tube in the ‘fridge as instructed. The following morning I retrieved my chilled preparation and opened it to begin my application ritual. That’s when my challenge began. It quickly became apparent the cooling process did little to tame the ‘fragrance’. This is definitely one you won’t apply before going on a date (the most you could attract would be cats) and will be best used at bedtime (provided you are sleeping alone, otherwise you will be). It has a rather strong unpleasant odor that regrettably lingers on the skin; however I persevered since the performance of the product is the most important feature and just in case this could be the one.

I applied nightly to the entire face and neck and found it to completely absorb in a few minutes, but after the first ten days saw no perceptible change, so I began applying it to only the right side of my face and neck. This actually helped me to see that it was providing moisturizing properties to my skin however, it did not have any effect on lines after four weeks. An ad on the internet stated this product to be particularly effective after laser or resurfacing treatments, so that may be its best use.

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