It was a Hungarian brand called ilike Organic Skincare that made me realize that not all botanicals are equal. Ilike’s selection of extracts makes many other natural products look as special as a bouquet bought at a corner deli. They are grown organically in soil that draws on Hungary’s thermal hot springs and then handpicked before making their way into serums, masks, lotions and cleansers. After sampling some of them over the past year or, I am delighted to bring them to the TIA shop.

For example, ilike’s Organic Wrinkle Eliminator Serum ($92 in the TIA shop) has Virginia creeper, a plant that has an unusually high amount of chlorophyll. The formula also lists chlorophyll separately and, as well as being antioxidant, it helps control sebum so is useful for oily, breakout prone skin.

Stonecrop is one of ilike’s signature ingredients. According to Polish researchers it has been found to contain quercetin, an antioixdiant that may be more powerful than resveratol. Stonecrop also seems to have a skin brightening effect. It’s in the Whipped Moisturizer ($66 in the TIA shop), which has a super light texture and is as green as a bud.

Simple oils are a trend this year and so its appropriate to get to know ilike’s Yarrow Oil ($48 in the TIA shop), which is an anti-inflammatory that also eliminates toxins. Another ilike oil is Q10 Serum ($88 in the TIA shop), formulated for dry skin (it can also be used to revitalize finger nails or rubbed into split ends).  It has evening primrose oil and Hungarian paprika (which, believe it or not, has more vitamin C by weight than lemon juice).

The Seven Herb Mask ($48 in the TIA shop) also majors on yarrow and stonecrop, as well as aloe, coltsfoot and plantain. Grapeseed Cleansing Milk ($48) is, for ilike, a relatively simple formula with grapeseed and mandarin oils.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s pronounced i-lee-ke.