An occupational hazard of running this website is that I try out more new products than my Princess and the Pea-worthy sensitive skin can bear. Whenever I suffer breakouts (a new sunscreen is a regular culprit), I end up taking refuge in IMAGE's Ormedic range and, in particular, the Balancing Bio-peptide Crème ($40.00 for 1oz).

This is one of those rare potions that seems to be entirely free of anything that could be considered an irritant. Most of the botanical ingredients are organic and everything has a role. I'll say that again: there are no fillers. Not one. Even the dominant ingredient is aloe, not water.

Indebenone, also known as hydroxydecyl ubequinone, is an antioxidant with a very good pedigree. The vitamin C is one of the more powerful and stable ones: tetrahexydecyl ascorbate. Plus there is tea and grape seed antioxidants and moisturizing sodium hyaluranate.

It goes on nice and easy. This is a light and refreshing cream that gives you a soft, healthy glow. And, best of all, it never, ever does evil. I keep going back to the ingredients list to see if I overlooked the odd paraben, but, no, Ormedics has a pure soul.

Ingredients in Ormedic Balancing Biopetide Crème

Aloe leaf extract (organic), olive fruit oil (organic), apricot kernal oil, hydroxydecyl ubequinone, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, shea butter (organic), tea (organic), chamomile (organic), tocopherol (vitamin E), mango seed butter, clover extract, grape seed, cucumber extract, tetrahexydecyl ascorbate, xantham gum, allantoin, ascorbyl palmitate.