IMAGE Skincare Ageless Serum is a great skin brightener and its glycolic acids exfoliate and perfect for getting 30-something skin that is starting to dull on to an antiaging regime. It works for all ages though.

Is a product that hasn't always been easy to pin down. It is sold only through limited distribution channels such as licensed esthetitians and it has been through at least two incarnations, changing  its formula to drop Matrixyl and include apple stem cells and jacking up its price.

It still remains an excellent glycolic serum. However, it is on the strong side (although it doesn't reveal its glycolic concentration) and is (as IMAGE's customer info people explained to Michelle) too stronger for skins younger than 30-ish.  The frequency of use depends on your skin. If you have a fair bit of damage and the skin is dull and aging then start out with IMAGE every other day. As your skin improves you can decrease to three times a week and eventually just once or twice a week (you don't want to over exfoliate).

On being hard to find, one esthetician wrote to use and said:  I would like to address Image being hard to find… They prefer that purchasers work with someone who can evaluate the skin and decide the best course of action and product for different skincare needs. It is a strong line, so it’s important that you get the proper products that match your particular needs. I won’t sell over the phone unless it’s a reorder. I need to evaluate the skin first. Image is a terrific line–and actually much more cost effective than other pro lines I have worked with. Plus, all of my clients see results. Can’t say that about too many of the other pro lines I have worked with…

What the TIA community said:

Anna: I recently ordered Ageless serum from Marta’s aesthetician, and together with the Clarisonic brush and Suki’s brightening masque have seen the most gratifying change in my 36 year old skin.

Jennifer said: I’ve used Image for a couple of years now and wouldn’t dream of putting anything else on my skin! They have a product for everything and it actually works! Not to mention I can still afford to buy the products in today’s economy. I know everyone loves the convenience of online shopping–but what I love about this company (Image) is that they want to make sure you are always treating your skin correctly. This is so important because the products are medical grade and if they are not used appropriately they can do more harm than good. I want to spend my $$ with a company that looks out for my well-being–not to mention they are manufactured in the United States!!!!

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Water, aloe barbendensis leaf extract, lactic acid, glycolic acid, sodium hyaluronate, algae extract, artemesia vulgaris, polysorbate 20, hydroxyethylcellulose, phospholipids, cucumber, arnica montana, yeast (faex) extract, chamomile, grape seed, spearmint oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, disodium EDTA, malic acid.