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Indie Lee Lemongrass Calendula Body Lotion Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Uneven Skin
indie lee lemongrass calendula body lotion
September 3, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
A lightweight lotion that requires frequent re-application and long-term use to see any benefit


Gentle and lightly fragranced


Very slow to improve dry, scaly skin

by Kim

I was very excited when I received the Indie Lee Lemongrass Calendula Body Lotion ($22) in the mail. My skin is quite sensitive, and I have difficulty finding a reliable product that is not only suitable for my skin type but compatible with my lifestyle.

I've been using Indie Lee lotion for just over four weeks, and my skin is not only sensitive but combination oily/normal. Some parts of my body really don't need a lot of moisturizing care — for example, with my face, I find moisturizing twice daily is sufficient. Having reached my fifth decade, I feel that a pretty good analogy of the overall condition of my skin is comparable to an evergreen tree: the top half blooms all year round and is usually soft and supple, but the lower half (namely my shins) can be as dry and scaly as stringy bark.

My first impression of the Indie Lee product: I didn't mind its light citrus fragrance, though that disappeared the moment the lotion was completely absorbed. I was impressed by how easy it is to use and found it’s best applied while skin is damp or straight out of the shower. It's lightweight, readily absorbed and left no greasy feeling. It is even gentle enough to use on my face. My skin was soft to the touch and felt smooth underneath my clothes. Sadly, that smooth sensation lasted briefly, maybe one or two hours. It took almost three weeks of using it once a day directly after my shower before the lotion began to have an impact on my scaly shins. I was disappointed that it took more than three weeks of reapplying the lotion throughout the day before I saw any marked improvement. Somehow, I suspect that that's because I live in the southern hemisphere (Australia), and right now it's the middle of winter.

Sadly (for me) it took just over four weeks of using the Indie Lee lotion before I got any significant benefits. For myself, I thought of it as a quick fix, particularly when I was in a hurry; it was great to jump out of the shower, lightly dry off and just slather the lotion on. Personally, I'd prefer something a little creamier, heavier and with a fragrance that lasts longer. I found it a bit of a drag constantly applying the lotion to the backs of hands and legs, so it isn't a great incentive for me to continue using it. I can also imagine someone with the same skin type as myself finding it inconvenient if their daily regime was way too busy to keep on reapplying lotion to have the desired effect.

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