indie lee unscented body lotion

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 17, 2014


by Tina

I have found as I move into my 50s, my skin is definitely getting drier and flaky — my legs in particular. I prefer using unscented and more natural products for sensitive skin. So I was very interested in trying the Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion ($22).

First, let me say it was quite moisturizing. With shea butter and jojoba oil, how could you go wrong? Both are known for their soothing and hydrating properties. Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. That being said, I have been using this after my shower for about a month now, and my legs feel smooth and flake-free. The consistency of the Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion is great — not too thick but not runny. It absorbs quickly, and I can get dressed right away after applying it, unlike some other body products that take too long to absorb and leave a greasy feel to the skin. I also believe it is helping to heal and minimize the appearance of some scars I had.

I like that this lotion is free of all the nasty things you don't want on your skin: parabens, phthalates, sulfates. Thank goodness I have learned about these ingredients from this very website. But the one negative is the smell. “What smell?” you might say. Well, unscented doesn't always mean scent free. Natural ingredients can have a scent too. The calendula oil has a distinct smell that doesn't agree with me too well — or my husband, for that matter. It does dissipate after a while, but I could not use it before bed. I think I will continue my quest for another body lotion.