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Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin
indie lee unscented body lotion
November 21, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A natural, eco-friendly lotion that works well for sensitive skin


A little goes a long way


Lotion is a bit runny

by Leila

The last time I reviewed a product by Indie Lee (which was the Squalane Facial Oil), I was mostly happy with the results as well as the ease of use. This time, I tested the Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion ($22 in the shop), and my overall summation is similar; though perhaps not quite as impressed, I was fairly happy with the product. I am a woman in her early 60s with sensitive, dry skin. This not only pertains to my face but body, as well. I use a daily body lotion but have to be careful, as I will break out in a small rash at the slightest irritant-containing product. I typically use products that are non-scented and marketed towards “sensitive-skin.”

When I received Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion to try for 30 days, I was rather excited, since it seemed to be the type of product I would naturally choose for myself. My normal skin care routine with regards to my body (as opposed to my face, since most products are either for face or body, not both) is to shower in the evening, towel dry and apply body lotion to the entire surface area of my skin, with the exception of my face, of course. As most women tend to do, I use products and crèmes specifically formulated for nighttime on my face in the evening.

So, I replaced my usual lotion with Indie Lee’s, and I found the “unscented” portion of the label’s claim to prove true; I did not notice any sort of scent. This was nice not only because of my sensitive skin, but for when I wear a fragrance, as the lotion doesn't blend or compete with said fragrance. I found the consistency of the lotion slightly fluid and thin, as opposed to most mainstream lotions, which are very thick and creamy. However, it seems this is one of the reasons the lotion absorbed so well. Also as claimed, the lotion quickly absorbed into my skin, and a little went a long way! Although the lotion was a bit runny, I almost felt I had not applied any moisturizer to my skin, as there was no lingering residue to speak of. It went on quickly and cleanly, however, I’m used to a more typical creamy body lotion, so it took some time getting used to. In fact, I never totally adapted to this aspect of the lotion, because inevitably I’d feel as though none had been applied. I don’t fault the product for this, and many women may enjoy a body lotion with this attribute. As for myself, I’ve gotten so used to a thicker lotion over the years; I now realize it may take me some time to adjust to this new, more eco-friendly product that contains more natural ingredients. I’m glad I was introduced to Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion. It has opened my eyes to the option of selecting products that are comprised of natural ingredients that have not only my health, but the health of our planet, in mind.

According to the product’s label, Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion is “formulated with an emollient blend of shea butter, calendula oil, and jojoba oil. Unscented or extra sensitive skin.” I like the fact that the Indie Lee line is uber-conscious of providing products that are derived from natural sources and, as I mentioned before, seem to be produced with the overall health and well-being of the consumer and our planet as a main priority. Overall, I was pleased with my experience of sampling Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion. It was a good, well-crafted product that taught me a few things about how I can modify my skin care to be more conscious of what I’m using, how it affects my health and how the products I purchase affect the planet. One person actually can make a difference; if individually we all make these small changes, larger changes are apt to follow. Thanks Indie Lee and Truth In Aging for yet another wonderful experience!

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