Lashes To Die For ($125) might not be the most judicious choice of name, given all the controversy in the last six months over glaucoma drugs turning up in eyelash growth products. You have to hand it to Peter Roth Thomas. He's clearly the kind of man who, when he decides to go for it, really goes for it. Lashes To Die For's active ingredient is - you guessed it - a glaucoma drug.

Up until the recent launch, Peter Roth Thomas was rather secretive. We now know why. The product contains 17-Phenyl Trinor Pge2-Sa. This is a prostaglandin analogue, a glaucoma drug that can have side effects such as affecting eye sight and changing the color of your eyes.

There is also vitamin A, which seems rather harsh for the eye area. I must admit that I rather like the unusual inclusion of radish root as the preservative of choice.