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Innarah JO2 Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Crème Clarifying Moisturizer Review

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Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Oily Skin, Scarring, Sensitive Skin, Sun Spots, Uneven Skin
innarah jo2 compound hyper-oxygenated crème clarifying moisturizer
September 12, 2014 Reviewed by Monica 0 Comments
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An all-natural moisturizer that uses fermentation to effectively improve skin and strengthen the immune system


Improves skin softness in just one week


Its cost is prohibitive

Never having heard of the brand before, when I sampled the Innarah JO2 Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Crème Clarifying Moisture, I wasn’t expecting great things (though lately it seems like I’m seeing Innarah mentioned everywhere). Now that I’ve used the JO2 moisturizer for more than six weeks, I have a very serious love-hate relationship with the product! I love the way it makes my skin feel, I love its unobtrusive scent and I love its fluffy texture. What I hate? Its price tag.

At 28, moisturizers are a vital portion of my day/night routines, and finding one that is light and airy — and that isn’t greasy, too drying or leaves visible residue on my face — is quite a coup. This product doesn’t seem to have a single serious downside, though (other than the price tag) in my opinion. I have oily skin, so I’m constantly worried about its reaction to new moisturizers, but the JO2 didn’t cause any problems, and it even helped to lessen the appearance of scars and dark spots on my chin.

Innarah as a whole focuses on skin care, using fermentation to target and strengthen the user’s immune system. When I opened the Innarah JO2 packaging upon arrival, it was a black rounded tub, inside a white rounded box, with what appeared to be a mini flat plastic shovel. Not a great start — I hate gimmicks like that: “Oh gee, a piece of plastic to put this on my face… dandy.” However, when I removed the lid from the tub and saw the white fluffy-looking cream inside, I quickly forgot about the silly shovel. The texture of the JO2 is extremely unique — it’s fluffy looking, but it feels thick when you scoop it up. It’s very obvious that Innarah has managed to work extra oxygen into the formula to create such a lightweight yet dense fluff. It goes on very smoothly, though almost like an eye cream, so it’s not really something where a little goes a long way. I originally used it all over my face and neck, but those first few days I had a very difficult time with putting something so thick all over my face — I got a smothered sensation and kept wanting to wash my face, even though the product absorbed well and wasn’t at all greasy. However, I may or may not get claustrophobic if Band-Aids are too tight, so it’s likely that my aversion toward all-over face use of the JO2 is unique to me! After a couple of weeks, I moved to just using the JO2 on my chin (to test its impact on scars/blemishes) but mainly on my neck and décolletage, for which it was perfect.

I felt a difference in the softness of my neck after just a week of using the wonderfully oxygenated crème. From my research, it seems that this softness is created by a few different active ingredients that are unique to Innarah’s previously mentioned process. Two of the most interesting ingredients are the Innarah-patented Unbuffered Glycolic Acid, which helps to exfoliate dead cells, and the Marine Phytoplankton, which stimulates collagen production and helps firm skin. There are also a number of anti-inflammatory ingredients meant to help sooth skin and blemishes, including sea buckthorn oil, neem oil, egg oil and magnolia tree bark. After about four weeks of use, I started to notice that my neck had an almost luminescent appearance. The crème helped lighten a couple of darker spots and scars on my neck and chin, which likely assisted with this “glow” effect. That said, for those with oily skin, like myself, brightening products that provide a glow aren’t really a priority.

By the end of my JO2 Crème six-week trial, I could definitively see a difference in the elasticity of my skin. I hadn’t even noticed the loss of elasticity in my neck area until I realized how much difference the Innarah made in tightening the skin and providing it with more spring.

One of the best parts of the Innarah JO2 moisturizer is that it is so different from others on the market today. It uses all natural ingredients and is meant to not only assist with anti-aging but also improve the immune system. While I don’t think I’ll replace my daily intake of fruits and veggies with wearing the JO2 crème, it is absolutely a product I would recommend. That said, at $250 for 1.7 fl oz, the Innarah JO2 Compound Hyper-Oxygenated Crème Clarifying Moisturizer will not be my regular moisturizer.

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