innarah treatment solution

Reviewed by Annette on July 30, 2014


My goal is to have beautiful, healthy-looking, ageless skin that doesn’t need to be covered with makeup. At age 57 with a fair complexion and normal to dry skin that suffers from a hint of rosacea, I’m focused on brightening and boosting radiance, reducing redness, improving firmness and softening wrinkles. I have a drawer full of broken promises — you know, the place where barely used skin care products that promised the moon but delivered less than stellar results eventually end up. The INNARAH Treatment Solution ($150) definitely isn’t going anywhere near it!

Made from “all-natural products free of synthetic ingredients” using a unique bio-fermentation process, INNARAH is the result of decades of research by one of the skin care industry’s leading chemists. The brand also claims to be the “first ever” skin care formulation to work in cooperation with your skin's immune system, repairing and rejuvenating it from the inside out. In addition to hydration, it boasts the ability to stimulate skin renewal, exfoliate dead skin cells and more.

Not a serum or a lotion, INNARAH Treatment Solution is a clear, runny liquid, as you would expect a solution to be. The aroma is difficult to describe. The words pleasantly fresh and clinical fit well. INNARAH suggests saturating a cotton pad or ball with the solution to apply, but I ended up dispensing two to three pumps into the palm of one hand and then applying it with fingers of the other hand. The center of the palm I used for the INNARAH application is now much softer and the skin more refined than that of the palm I didn't use. Even the wrinkles of the application palm are less pronounced than the other palm. This alone is a good indication of the efficacy of this product.

Most of all, I absolutely love how my skin reacts to INNARAH Treatment Solution. It absorbs almost immediately, leaving no residue or sticky feeling (one of my pet peeves with skin care products). The instructions indicate that you can leave it on or wash it off, but I can’t imagine why you would want to wash it off. It’s gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin. In less than a minute after application, my skin becomes transformed. It feels softer and takes on the dewy fresh, radiant, healthy-looking appearance of younger skin. Since INNARAH Treatment Solution is formulated to maximize the penetration of other products, I use it after cleansing and toning and before applying a lotion or serum — like a primer. Sometimes I don’t even go to the next step. I’m good to go with just the INNARAH Treatment Solution alone. When I use a product such as an anti-aging serum after the INNARAH solution, it does work more effectively. I did a little test for a few days, using INNARAH on just one side of my face before applying an anti-aging serum. The INNARAH side looked and felt much better.

In sum, INNARAH Treatment Solution has impressed me. Based on my experience with it, I want to see how well other INNARAH products work. INNARAH Treatment Solution has become an official product in my skin care regimen. Even at a price of $150 for a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle, this daily treatment designed to prepare your skin for the penetration of other products has proven to be little miracle in a bottle — a real keeper.