The growing field of nutricosmetics (products that you consume in the hope of youth and beauty) got a bit of a setback the other day when a L’Oréal and Nestlé joint venture had its claims promising the improvement of dry skin refused by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) last week.

The JV is called Innéov and its blend of blackcurrant seed oil, lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin E is billed as: ‘helps to improve dry skin conditions’. The EFSA’s quibble was that the majority of the 29 scientific publications referenced by Innéov were not relevant because they were conducted on individual components of the blend and not on the blend itself.

I don’t believe that Innéov’s dry skin blend is available in the US, but curious to see what this nutricosmetics company might be up to I found that it is possible to get the company's hair growth supplements here. Hair Mass Supplements ($44 for 60 capsules) may even have less luck with the EFSA than the dry skin solution since the claims this time are that it will “energize your hair”. Somehow that makes me think of static.

The secret sauce is taurine and there is some evidence that it protects the hair follicles. Plus it has been combined with green tea and other ingredients that contain catechins. These are signaling molecules that belong to the flavenoid family and they provide sun protection – one of the claims made by Innevov is that protects against sun damage.

Still, I’m not convinced enough to spend $44 on Hair Mass Supplements. Taurine exists naturally in our bile, can be obtained from meat and fish and excess is expelled when you pee. You should also be aware that there is an indication that taurine (2 g/day) may result in psoriasis and its absorption of taurine from beverages may be more rapid than from foods (source).

Ingredients in Hair Mass

Mono calcic phosphate, cellulose, reticulated sodic carboxymethylcellulose, silicium dioxide, magnesium stearate, green tea extract, kuntze extr., grape pip extract , tinctoria extr, taurine, zinc gluconate, polydextrose, hydroxypropylmethyl- cellulose, talc) , colorings ( E171, E104, E132) , medium chain triglicerides.