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Interview with ExPürtise Founders A.C. and Justin Dotterweich

ExPurtise founders AC and Justin

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November 5, 2015 Reviewed by admin 2 Comments

Launched by brothers A.C. and Justin Dotterweich, ExPürtise was created to bridge the gap between unsafe skincare containing nasty fillers and organic feel-good products that were ineffective. With ExPürtise you get the best of both worlds — no controversial ingredients or preservatives and the latest breakthroughs in skincare technology including antioxidants, enzymes, hydrators and botanical extracts. In this interview, the brothers tell us more about their skincare philosophy and how ExPürtise is making a name for themselves in the industry.

What made you two want to go into business together? Who focuses on which parts of the business, or are you both involved in every step?

A.C. and I wanted to go into business together because we’ve always got along better than most brothers. That, along with our shared experiences in the spa world made us a perfect fit. During our first few years in the skincare industry I focused more on public relations, marketing and sales. While A.C. got more exposure to product formulating and ingredient research. It was a natural fit and we are both passionate about helping people improve their skincare experience.

ExPürtise is all about formulating effective skincare with the purest ingredients and no synthetic fillers. What were the biggest challenges in achieving this balance?

Like any established industry, there are conventional ways of doing things and cosmetic chemistry is no exception. We face the challenge of reinventing the wheel when it comes to skincare, so to speak. It starts with a network of raw ingredient suppliers open to answering the tough questions. In many cases, we use 3rd party testing to verify the purity of our ingredients.

Next comes the challenge of selecting alternate ingredients when the standard go-to doesn’t meet our stringent guidelines — our preservative system is a great example. Lastly, the execution. Creating products that are luxurious to apply and wear all day while also getting great results is tougher when you strive for purity. At ExPürtise, we really are pushing the boundaries of traditional cosmetic chemistry — a challenge we’re happy to accept.

Tell us the most valuable thing you two learned about skincare from working in the industry.

In general, there are two philosophies at play in the skincare industry. Organic vs traditional product formulations. This divide leaves consumers with an unnecessary choice – pure formulations or something that “just works.” The fusion of these philosophies is really the most valuable thing we’ve learned. Our approach to skincare is rooted in achieving the best of both worlds and creating a better skincare experience.

What skincare ingredient(s) are you currently big advocates for?

We like Peptides, the research is interesting and the results speak for themselves. Matrixyl Synthe 6 is our current favorite. Ingredients that protect skin’s stem cells and extend cell life are also very exciting, Astragalus and Globe Daisy (Globularia Cordifolia Callus Culture Extract).

What do your daily skincare routines look like?

(1) We use a gel cleanser (one we’re currently developing) (2) apply ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Serum (3) ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment (4) ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum. Cleanse before bed and reapply ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Serum.

Name a beauty product you can never go without.

Eye cream. Everyone needs a good eye product. We wouldn’t want to go without a cleanser or moisturizer either, but a quality eye treatment can save the day after a long work week or when we don’t get enough sleep.

What’s one type of skincare product that every woman over 40 should have in her medicine cabinet.

Every woman over 40 should have a product that protects and stimulates collagen growth. You lose 1 percent of your collagen every year after age 30! We recommend a high-quality treatment serum like ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Serum.

What can we expect from ExPürtise next? What’s on the horizon?

We have several exciting products in development culminating in the debut of the ExPürtise Wrinkle-Relaxing & Purifying Facial. Expect to experience the facial and find our retail products at an increasing number of spas throughout the country.

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  • November 5, 2015

    by Dennis

    Excellent interview and both brothers have great skin! I am sometimes a little slow to come around with new products, but I'm ready to jump on the ExPurtise bandwagon.

  • November 5, 2015

    by Marta

    Excited to hear that there is an Expurtise Cleanser in the works!

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