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Interview With SimySkin Founder Georges Benarroch

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January 19, 2016 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments

This Florida-based skincare company launched two years ago with a mission to create age specific products that minimize the effects of time, stress and environment on skin tissue. Their signature ingredient is vitamin B12, which has been proven to have regenerative results on skin. Inspired by the rising number of skin-related cancers, SimySkin understands that health and beauty go hand in hand. We chatted with founder Georges Benarroch to learn more.

SimySkin started as a business venture between you and Dr Uri Sagman. What hole did you see in the skincare industry that needed to be filled?

Dr. Sagman and I go back a number of years: for the last 15 years we have operated a biotechnology company, KYTO IP. Together with SUNY, (State University of New York), Kyto has developed a monoclonal antibody that targets solid tumors for which it has obtained worldwide intellectual property protection for its targeted Vitamin B12 platform technology. Developing a biotech company to the clinical stage is very costly and I was looking for ways to leverage some of our expertise into a commercial venture, hopefully cash flow generating.

The skin care market came to mind as it is always approached through the dermatology side whereas it could be approached through the oncology side due to the exponential growth of skin cancers. Today, one cancer out of every three is skin related: each year between two and three million skin cancers (carcinoma type) and about 150,000 melanomas are diagnosed. Vitamin B12, just like other key ingredients protecting the skin against UVAs and UVBs, like teprenone and capprylic acid, protect the skin degradation and DNA damage. SimySkin decided to develop in priority serums which, without being medical, could be efficient and novel enough to enter the mid-priced market, allowing prevention, maintenance and repair.

Dr. Sagman created a nanomedecine company that discovered the Vitamin B12 receptor. How does SimySkin utilize B12 in its skincare? Why do you think this is such an essential anti-aging ingredient?

SimySkin uses vitamin B12 as a signature ingredient with certain proprietary rights, it does not own vitamin B12 which is called Colobamin as it is a water soluble vitamin which is key for our brains and our nervous system. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell, thus affecting the DNA. Why does SimySkin like vitamin B12 and why is it essential? It helps regenerate skin cells; it hydrates and softens; it improves elasticity and firmness; it prevents, diminishes and repairs wrinkles; it soothes chapped skin and it attenuates and soothes old scars.

What new anti-aging ingredients are you excited about?

SimySkin does its best to be at the forefront of the research for new, natural ingredients which can be effectively combined with vitamin B12. In our serums, we are excited with ingredients such as such as hibiscus, galactic acid, essenkin, seaweed extract and globe daisy extract. Hibiscus extract is one of the most powerful anti-aging plants, it is rich in antioxidants,  increases the skin elasticity and gives a stunning boost to the skin. Seaweed extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and promotes skin hydration and combines great anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Globe daisy detoxifies the skin by eliminating damaged proteins and other environmental stresses (UV radiation, smoke, pesticides). We labeled it as an anti-aging bodyguard as it provides protection to oxidative stress therefore reducing the effect of cell aging.

What type of skincare product should every woman (or man!) over 40 have in their medicine cabinet?

Serums! They are powerful and more efficient than any other skin care product. Serums are concentrated with various active ingredients and you need to dispense very little. They are very effective, made of minuscule molecules allowing faster and deeper penetration in the skin. A serum deposits nutrients whereas a cream is meant for hydration. Note that the thicker a product is or the heavier the ingredients it contains, the more it becomes a barrier for penetration in the skin. Serums are great for people with oily skin or who like lighter and non-greasy finish or sticky residue. In addition, serums offer great results from reducing fine lines, increasing hydration, elasticity and skin radiance. SimySkin's line is compact on purpose, we have now 11 products and while we are working a few more products to add to our line, we recommend all our products be used by women or men: most daily, others bi-weekly.

Where you a skincare connoisseur before starting SimySkin? Have you altered your skincare routine since launching the company? What are some of your favorite products?

Haha, no, I was not a connoisseur. I am an investment banker and I was always intrigued (and impressed) by the personal care industry. As a man, you get somewhat exposed to brands, ingredients through living with wives, mother, sisters (four in my case) and female friends. Until starting SimySkin, I very seldom used anything on my face besides soap or shaving cream but since, for the last 25 years, I have been  spending a great deal of time in Palm Beach and I love the beach, I was aware of the damage caused by constant exposure to the sun. I must admit that since I entered the skin care business, I have been using some of the SimySkin products. As far as I am concerned, I use all the “him/her” products: moisturizer, cleanser (morning + evening), scrub in the morning and mask 2 or 3 times a week.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned about skincare since starting SimySkin?

Skin care is a very serious business, you are trying to manufacture products which deliver results and do not disappoint. The anti-aging space is even more serious as you deal with the promise to deliver something to a consumer who has expectations and is always very motivated and extremely well informed. Formulation requires lots of research and development to keep your products safe, efficient and innovative. In that respect we are very thorough in doing independent testings of products as well individual ingredients and ensuring we comply with the various health regulators (CNCP, FDA, Health Canada). When this is all done, you need to follow the numerous steps which go from manufacturing to packaging and marketing keeping in mind that you want to deliver an attractive and fairly priced product. 

SimySkin launched in 2014 and is still fairly new. What’s next for the company?

Indeed, SimySkin is quite new, our first serum launched in February 2014. SimySkin can now be purchased in about 7 or 8 different prestigious e-commerce sites in the USA, Germany, soon in the UK and France as well as a number of stores across the US in early 2016. For us, 2016 will be multiplying our marketing/sales efforts, participating in trade shows and adding a couple of interesting products to our line. All that while looking at the 2017-2018 horizon and fulfilling our ambition to bring to the market very powerful serums which, revenue helping, will require further scientific research and development.

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