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Interview with the founder of BRAD Biophotonic

July 4, 2013 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments

Brad Hunter is the eponymous founder of BRAD Biophotonic, whose Essential Elixir Multi-peptide, encased in Miron glass that allows only performance-enhancing violet light to penetrate, Marta has called “fabulous.” Brad started his career at a big-name beauty brand before launching his own products that use highly advanced actives to address a variety of skin concerns, from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation. Here’s his story.

How did you get your start in skincare?

My first job was with Estée Lauder when the company launched the men’s skincare line LAB SERIES, and they were looking for men to represent the brand. Once I started working on the submersion training program, I was hooked! My training consisted of working one-on-one with clients and attending training classes, where we learned how each product really worked and what the most advanced ingredients could offer the skin. I still read up on the newest, most-advanced ingredients today to find the most active, most natural and most effective ingredients available.

What did you do after your stint at Estée Lauder?

I was approached by a private airline company over seven years ago to formulate products for their fleet of aircraft. It was a great opportunity to source the most active and powerful ingredients to combat all the effects of air travel, extreme altitude, climate change, time zones and overall skin fatigue.

And why did you decide to branch out on your own?

After years of creating and supplying skincare products for other people, I knew it was the right time to formulate all the amazing ingredients I had sourced into a product range that could deliver immediate results and change one’s skin to the best it could be. With so many products on the market, I was really surprised at how many of them didn’t deliver noticeable results, and I still think this is still true today! I was ready to put products out there that were going to be more active and really address people’s skin issues with the purest bio-fermented blends that my lab and I could create.

Tell us about the ingredients in your formulations.

I believe in using the purest, most active ingredients that serve specific purposes: first exfoliate with bio-fermented plant acids, rebuild and repair skin with the appropriate serum, and protect and nourish skin with the appropriate cream. It’s quite simple. You want to break the skin down and help build it back up with potent ingredients, while protecting it at the same time. This creates the perfect environment for your skin to perform at its best. And we deliver these active ingredients in modern packaging that works to enhance the ingredients to radically transform your skin.

We currently have a new eye concentrate in development that we have formulated with bio-fermented multi-peptides, algae, plant stem cells and amino acids, and much more, to address a variety of eye concerns.

If you had to choose one, which product from your line would you not be without and why?

the “Ultra” range of products (as in the Ultra Elastin Cream, Ultra Elastin Lift and Ultra White Intensive Whitening) is a big favorite of mine and the consumer. They are very effective and easy to use and deliver results to all skin types. You really need to dissolve the dead layers of skin on a regular basis (Ultra Peel) and apply super-charged bio-fermented plant extracts to work their way into the skin to help rebuild, communicate with cells and protect these new cells to deliver a brightened, luminous and plumped complexion.

What do you especially want people to know about BRAD Biophotonic?

People who use the brand always tell me if they ever deviate to another product line, they always come back to BRAD because they know they will get the results they are looking for. After using our products, they notice their skin has a different texture and clarity. It is noticeably softer, glowing and firmer. Once you try our products you will be hooked!

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