trophy skin founder imran karim

Imran Karim started out in the beauty industry as the owner of one of Texas' most popular medical spas. Inspired by how non-invasive beauty treatments transformed his patients' skin, Imran started Trophy Skin to develop his signature at-home beauty tools and give clients a way to maintain their spa results at home.

You started Trophy Skin at a relatively young age! What opportunity did you see in the skincare/beauty industry?

As the former owner of a high-end medspa, I saw the power of skincare technology to transform the way a person looked, and more importantly, felt about themselves. In the medspa, our nurses would perform a series of laser and light-based treatments that would result in major changes to the skin that made our clients feel confident, youthful and fresh. When I sold the medspa, I doubled down on skincare technology by starting Trophy Skin, this time to bring the same technology into the comfort and privacy of the home. We have been able to achieve that by designing effective and simple to use at-home skincare tools that give our customers power over the aging process.

Beauty tools can be intimidating. What advice do you have for those shopping for a new tool?

This is very true and its something we encounter every day! There are more tools on the market every year and it can be difficult to understand which ones are safe, which are clinically proven and which will be easy to use at home. We recommend doing business with brands that have a track record of bringing high quality tools to market — an easy way to determine that is to read online reviews and see what real customers are saying. Also, make sure to watch how-to videos before purchasing to make sure you understand how the product works, how often it needs to be used and if there are questions you have. And finally, I suggest calling or emailing the company that makes the product to see if they respond. Great companies will have fast and friendly customer service and you know they will take care of you after you make the purchase.

Do you regularly use any at-home beauty tools? If so, which ones?

My favorite tool at the moment is our MiniMD ($99 in the shop), it's a compact home microdermabrasion tool that I can take with me when I travel, which I do a lot! I can use it in 2-3 minutes on my entire face and it takes up almost no room in my suitcase.

What does your daily skin care regimen look like?

I'm pretty minimal with my skincare routine, but my favorite skincare product going back years now is Dr. Bronner's for washing my face, I love their peppermint soap. After cleansing, I put on a light serum and then I'm good for the rest of the day. A few times per week I either use the MiniMD or the Labelle Skin Spatula ($149 in the shop) if my pores are getting clogged.

What’s one in-office/spa beauty treatment that you think everyone over 40 should regularly have?

To be honest, I think the days of needing in-office treatments are pretty much over. While you can still get a nice pampering every once in a while, the technology that is already available for use at home is on par with what you get in the office. But I highly recommend using a combination of at-home microdermabrasion and at-home light therapy. Between those two treatments, just a few minutes per week, you can delay the signs of aging for many, many years.

What’s next for Trophy Skin?

Our goal is to be a trusted and highly regarded brand in the beauty tools industry — we are branching out into prestige national retailers in 2016, relaunching the brand at QVC, and will be launching several exciting new tools in the coming year. Stay tuned!