My esthetician, Ildi Pekar, has just received one of the first shipments in the US of Ischia Thermae. She's incredibly excited because this range of skincare products is barely known outside Italy.

Ischia is an Italian island replete with thermal springs and spas; Matt Dillon was a recent visitor. The Ischia Thermae range was started about eight years ago with the curative thermal mud and water as the key ingredients.

Ildi gave me the Thermal Body Massage Cream with Lemon. I've never really found a good body lotion or hand cream, so I have high hopes. So far, I like it very much: moisturizing and not greasy, it also smells fantastic (like a summer day in Tuscany). Ildi tells me that her pickiest client loves this range.

I am trying out the eye cream too and will report back.