Jan Marini's Age Intervention Eyelash conditioner has just been taken off the US market after run-ins with the FDA and the potential threat of a patent fight with Allergan.

Jan Marini's eyelash product is (or should I say was) astonishingly effective; it really makes your lashes grow like weeds. However, literally only a couple of days before I posted my review, it had been recalled by the FDA. Essentially, this was because it was based on a prescription drug used for glaucoma that could have side effects on vision and even change the color of the eyes. The full background is here.

There are similar products on the market, such as MD Lash Factor, that are based on prostaglandin - the same glaucoma ingredient in the latest Jan Marini product (but not the same as in the 2006 product that the FDA recalled). Postaglandin doesn't seem to damage the eyesight, but there can be side effects. Personally, I would give them all a wide berth.

Jan Marini's decision to pull Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner must have been a tough one: it accounts for 30% of her company's sales.

In the meantime, Allergan is testing its own eyelash growth product called Lumilash, based on its glaucoma drug Lumigan. In November, it started legal proceedings for patent infringement against seven eyelash product makers.