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Now this a good find: a tinted moisturizer that uses only safe minerals, has a non-chemical sunscreen and a handful of helpful anti-oxidants. I've just ordered Jane Iredale's latest product, Dream Tint SPF 15. It isn't cheap, but there is a lot to like and I've had to give up VIP Expert by Terry after discovering that it was the cause of a bad outbreak of rosacea that afflicted me a few weeks ago.

Dream Tint has some algae extracts, sunflower seed oil, jojoba and white tea. One of the minerals included is boron nitride, a graphite-like substance that is one of the hardest materials known to man. As an ultra-fine powder it is included in dental filling compound and cosmetics. I don't understand how, but boron nitride is also self-lubricating. Its role in Dream Tint seems to be to diminish the appearance of wrinkles (depend on the white tea to do something about the wrinkles themselves) and impart a silky feeling.

Dream Tint has no preservatives or other potential irritants.

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