jane iredale smooth affair facial primer and brightener

Our Rating: 1 stars

Reviewed by Beth on April 26, 2014


As the skin ages, women have to evaluate whether or not they’re going to go the extra mile to “soften” their appearance when applying makeup. There are certain products that do just that, but this means we have to add another step to our makeup routine. You may find yourself asking if it’s really worth it. And how could you not? We’re already applying serums, lotions and creams to different areas of our face, and now we have to add an accompaniment to the foundation/concealer/powder routine? When will it end?! And is it worth the time and money? More about that later….

The jane iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener ($48) contains anti-aging properties, so off the bat, you know it’s not made for young chicks. Smooth Affair promises to even your skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores and increase skin's luminosity. Did it deliver? Sort of. It definitely minimized the appearance of my pores, but my pores weren’t large to begin with. My skin tone was not improved, and the product did very little in the luminosity department. Some women use primers and skip the foundation, but I’m unable to get away with that – too much blotchiness and dark spots. I am in my 40s and in the habit of using a primer 75% of the time. Smooth Affair didn’t hold a candle to my usual brand. For one thing, I found the smell very off-putting, and it managed to take me by surprise every time I used it, even in the fourth week of use. It smelled just like the orange cough medicine I used to take as a kid. Probably not the kind of olfactive memory Jane Iredale had in mind.

The directions call for a thin layer to be applied all over the face, after moisturizing and before foundation. As with any primer, you don’t need very much, and if you do apply too much, your foundation will roll down your face – not the effect you’re going for. About a minute after the primer is absorbed and the foundation/concealer/powder are applied, it’s a good idea to step back and really examine if the product delivered the results you were expecting. I can honestly say no, and I tried it for four weeks, over 20 times total. Did it brighten my skin? No. It did, however, give it a gray cast, which I found disturbing. Did the primer make my foundation go on easier and last longer? Maybe just a little.

If you’re interested in a primer, go for it! There are a lot of wonderful benefits to using one. I just wouldn’t recommend this particular product.