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Jenetiqa Anti-Aging System Review

is a Solution for:
Age Spots, Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Wrinkles
Jenetiqa Anti-Aging System
July 14, 2015 Reviewed by Emily 1 Comment
TRU Rating
A system that performs as well, if not better, than some more expensive products


Tons of antioxidants, moisturizes, fades dark spots


Day and night cream are rich and best suited for cooler months

I have just completed four weeks’ trial of the Jenetiqa Anti-Aging System and rushed to open up my laptop to start this review.  Truth in Aging has made another terrific discovery.  The Anti-Aging System I was sent included four products, all of which I’d happily use again and two of which are really outstanding.

The products make up the system are: for eyes, Premier Regard, 360° Eye-Lift ($52); a day cream, La Crème Première ($80 in the shop), Hydra-Lift; a night cream, Premiere Nuit Complete Anti-Aging Night Repair ($76 in the shop); and a serum, Première Essence Day & Night Anti-Aging Serum and Dark Spot Corrector ($65). 

Jenetiqa was a new brand for me and I didn’t know what to expect.  But just after I agreed to this trial, TIA published Marta’s review of the Jenetiqa Premiere Essence, the firming and brightening serum, and it sounded interesting.  It also answered one of my first questions:  each product prominently and proudly advertises Ubiquinol.  What was that? The review helpfully qualified: a bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10): "a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals. Jenetiqa’s founder, Christiane Waldron, is a chemical engineer and in 2007 was part of a team that worked on ubiquinol before launching her own skincare line based upon it in 2011. Our bodies’ ability to create ubiquinol declines as we grow older and as it increases cellular energy in the skin, it is a good idea to replenish it topically".

In fact, the products in general are extremely heavy on the antioxidants, and the ingredients lists are impressive, including lots of moisturizers and humectants, and a very high proportion of natural products. Bottom line, I found this a program very well suited to my now-60-year-old skin – both very nourishing and moisturizing but also, in the case of the serum and eye cream, living up to the claims of firming and brightening as well.

I used only the Jenetiqa products during this trial, with two exceptions: I cleansed daily with the cleanser I had (it happened to be Sciote’s, which I liked), and also did the occasional scrub with my long-time stalwart, YBF’s Prep.  After cleansing I used the Premiere Essence serum both day and night, followed by either the day or the night cream, followed by the eye cream, again both day and night. I used the serum, not only twice daily on my face and neck, but also typically once a day on my hands, as suggested – figuring that was a good test of its dark-spot-correcting prowess, as my hands have a few big ones! (As a result, I actually ran out of the serum about a week before concluding the test; I’m still working my way through the other products.) 

Starting there, then: I really did see overall brightening from the serum. A couple of discolored, darker spots on my jaw line appeared to recede, and the spots on my hands look more faded and less prominent. 

And in general my face looks smoother, a bit firmer, and is definitely very well moisturized – I’ll return to that.  The “eye lift” eye cream does have a lifting and firming effect, and the bagginess under my eyes seems to be somewhat reduced while the area looks less lined.  All of the products have a very nice texture, neither too thick nor too fluid, and go on very smoothly.  While they don’t feel oily, they have a lot of slip and spread easily.  If I had a complaint, they have a very strong floral fragrance which to me reads as rose.  It’s a nice very version of rose, but I really prefer an unscented product or at least one that is not so very cloying.

I truly liked all four products and would return to them.  The standouts, though, are the eye cream and the serum, both of which are delightfully light and seem very effective.  The night and day creams are extremely hydrating, and I noted that they contain shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and in the case of the night cream, a plethora of botanical oils too.  In fact, I started this trial just as spring got seriously underway – and the hot, sticky weather quickly followed in earnest. So while I think I’ll go back to the Crème Premiere and the Premiere Nuit in the fall, they’re almost too rich for the current season. I could certainly have used them this past winter!

I didn’t love the packaging – the gold pump bottles are a bit clumsy – but that’s just personal taste. The set included 35 ml (1.2 ounce) bottles of the day cream, night cream, and serum, and a 20 ml or 0.67 ounce bottle of the eye cream.  So the day and night creams are packaged in a slightly smaller format than you sometimes see (often 50 ml) and the eye cream is slightly larger (usually 15 ml). I found on the company’s site that they do offer other products as well, but these four are their fundamentals – and I can see why.

Based on my experience with the Anti Aging System I’d certainly try their other products, and would recommend the eye cream and serum to almost anyone.  I think the day and night creams are also great options for those of us who are older, or who have very dry skin or climate concerns.  It’s also well worth noting that the products are priced very competitively, and perform as well or better than products that are more expensive.  A great find, TIA!

  • July 16, 2015

    by Christiane

    Thank you to the Truth in Aging community and a special thank you to Emily for a wonderful and unbiased review of our anti-aging system. We looked long and hard for formulas that work to reverse the signs of aging and I appreciate your honest review of our products and my company.
    Christiane Waldron

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