jenetiqa face ideal cleanser and makeup remover

by Wejo Carjon

A little background on my skin: I'm 43 with sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin.  

The first thing I did when I received the Jenetiqa Face Ideal Cleanser and Makeup Remover ($24) was checking the ingredient list. Next, I checked out the company's website and they have list the following key ingredients: ubiquinol, aloe, indian cactus fig extract and green tea extract.

At first glance the ingredients looked great, with the exception of the preservative methylisothiazolinone. I couldn't find any information on "proponediol" but I think it might be misspelled; I think they meant "propanediol", but I could be wrong. Based on the ingredient list, I was excited to try the cleanser as I expected it to cleanse without stripping. 

The first week, my skin LOVED the new cleanser. My skin felt clean and moist after cleansing and the smell was amazing. However, due to change in weather (from cold to very hot) my forehead and cheeks started to form dry patches, but I stuck with it and fast forward a few weeks, my skin is back to loving the cleanser again. I kept my routine the same, including my monthly facial (it corrected my dry spots and restored my skin back to normal.) 

I think, as with any new skincare products, it takes time for your skin to adjust and reap the benefit. With cleansing being the most important step in skincare routine, I'm so glad I've discovered another great cleanser.