jenetiqa lift maestro botanical enzymatic peel

Reviewed by Becky on September 25, 2015

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From the first whiff of the incredible floral-citrus smell of the Jenetiqa Lift Maestro Botanical Enzymatic Peel ($32), I was hooked. And the performance of this easy-to-use mask only deepened the love. 

I received my sample of the Jenetiqa Peel just in time to tackle the worst set of chin and cheek breakouts I'd had in years! Plus, I'd been picking at it — which of course does nothing to help and in fact makes matters worse.

I applied the white lotion every other day for three weeks straight (then cut back to a few times a week) and immediately saw improvement in both the breakouts themselves as well as the red marks they usually leave behind. I had been afraid to use it, in fact, for fear of the glycolic and salicylic acids making the acne worse or stinging too much to keep it on. Both fears were unfounded and I experienced very little stinging at all — though keep in mind I have pretty tough skin that can easily handle Retin A. Your mileage may vary.

The instructions advise leaving this peel on for one minute and then rubbing in and rinsing. I confess: I left it on for at least 10 if not 30 minutes most days. It goes on and stays clear so it was easy to do things around the house without anyone noticing I had it on. I don't know if the length of time the peel stayed on was a factor in how well it worked for me but it definitely didn't cause any problems.

While I am familiar with the two acids (glycolic and salicylic), I am new to both ubiquinol (also currently enjoying it in the Jenetiqa eye cream), the reduced form of coenzyme ubiquinone, as well as the enzyme papain. While I initially had doubts that this gentle-feeling peel would have much of an effect on my skin, apparently the two of these ingredients together are responsible for increasing the exfoliating power as a whole.

While I never did find out the source of the incredible scent of the Jenetiqa Lift Maestro Botanical Enzymatic Peel, the results speak for themselves: cleared skin and a nice glow.