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Jenetiqa Sublime Scrub Ancient Maple & Sugar Scrub Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin
Jenetiqa Sublime Scrub Ancient Maple & Sugar Scrub
July 22, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
A great multitasking scrub for face and body


Antioxidants that are worth leaving on your skin for a while


Texture is a little gritty

by Mare

As I enter my fifth decade, I'm learning to appreciate my slightly oily, occasionally sensitive, thick Asian skin, which has allowed me to pass for at least a decade younger than my age. I still experience a breakout every now and then, but they seem less frequent since I began a bi-weekly lactic acid peel approximately five years ago.

I am always willing to try new (at least new to me) products, but will go back to the ones that have proven themselves to be effective. For example, I now only use serums with an abundance of peptides, though I rotate through a couple that work well for me.

I have tried numerous facial and body scrubs over the years with nothing so satisfying that I had to purchase another batch before I ran out. I have even tried making my own, but again, the results or the mess weren't worth a second look. I was totally intrigued however by Jenetiqa's claims to be both a face and body scrub. I thought I would be writing this review about how it would be good for one, but not the other. I was wrong; though very pleasantly so.

Jenetiqa's Sublime Scrub Ancient Maple & Sugar Scrub ($30 in the shop) is a keeper Admittedly, I was a bit too enthusiastic the first couple times I used it on my face and I learned that a lighter hand makes it a facial scrub, and a more aggressive scrub may be better for body parts like elbows, knees and ankles. After using the scrub for about four weeks, I've decided that once or twice weekly is all I need to maintain the silky smoothness I now enjoy. The scrub is rather gritty, so I prefer to use it in the shower. I gently rub in a small amount all over my face (avoiding the orbital areas, of course) and leave it while I get more to work into my elbows, knees, and anywhere else it's needed. A thorough scrub and rinse to those areas and then I return to the product I previously left on my face. At least a few minutes will have passed and with wetter hands I rework the scrub on my face with a bit more pressure. A good rinse and the results feel as though I've undergone a microdermabrasion session without the cost or the redness.

Jenetiqa's claims to smooth and firm are good as far as I'm concerned. According to their website, apricot seeds provide some of the physical (or mechanical) exfoliation while the sugar maple extract contains alpha-hydroxy acids which chemically exfoliate and smooth the skin. Green tea extract and bamboo extract are great botanical ingredients that leave my skin firmer without feeling dry or tight. They include aloe and ubiquinol as hard-working antioxidants, which is another reason to leave the scrub on for a few minutes to let everything work into the deeper layers of the skin.

While I'm concerned about aging in general, I'm most concerned with its appearance on my face, so that's where I'm focusing the scrub's efforts. But I also like the formulation that allows this to be a great multi-tasker for me. I can be firmer and smoother from head to toe!

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