I am a firm believer in the idea that one person's trash is another person's treasure. When it comes down to cosmetics, that might reign truest. On one side, you have individuals who swear by the things they used since they were younger and on the other, you have those who are more focused on ingredients and the impact that a product might have on their body, these individuals probably wouldn't even go near the stuff that they used when they were younger. Some of those in the latter group can be found here on the Truth in Aging site, you gals and guys actually do your homework when it comes to skincare.

I on the other hand fall somewhere in-between. Jennifer Garner does not. She recently declared her fondness for Neutrogena. As a spokeswoman for the product, it would make sense that she would talk up the product line, "I've been an ambassador for Neutrogena for a few years in the states and this is my first time in the UK. My family has been using Neutrogena since I was a little kid. I've two sisters, we grew up using Neutrogena and we're big believers in healthy beauty in my family.”

When it comes to the cleanser aisle, Neutrogena is no Dove soap, a brand that is above many of its other drugstore counterparts. Products from Neutrogena can be full of things that you might not want on your body such as coal tar (which has been labeled a high hazard by the cosmetic database) and DMDM Hydantion. Because of their indifference for what goes into their products, Truth in Aging continues to Review and Reject their offerings, they really haven’t impressed us yet.

Neutrogena looks great in your drugstore aisle, and that’s only because most stores only carry a few major brands like Olay and Nivea. They also heavily market their products through advertisements and having well known people show up in their commercials.  Because of this, we’ve kind of been pre-programmed to buy things that we’re used to, which is probably why Garner gravitated towards Neutrogena. It’s something that probably everyone has tried once in their life, especially if they suffered form the occasional breakout. Either she really believes in this product (which I hope isn't true) or she’s just flat broke and would probably be the spokesperson for cat food if given the opportunity. I just wish more celebrities would pay attention to the things that they’re sponsoring. Garner does get credit though; she also gave a shout-out to anti-oxidants which leads me to believe that she isn’t a complete airhead when it comes to skin care.

"I'm a huge fan of anti-oxidants and every woman out there should be! Most of the damage that happens to your skin is from environmental pollutants-the sun, the wind, pollution, indoor heating. Your skin is the first line of defense and you have to take care of it"