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Joshi's Holistic Skin Care--Worth the Hype?

June 23, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
There's a lot of fuss about the benefits (or even necessity) of switching to an organic or green skin care routine.  From water bottles to pet food, the dangers of our toxic world are always compounding.  But little regulation exists, and in its absence company claims of au naturale and the like may be more hype than holistic.

Joshi's Holistic Skincare line, as featured in Vanity Fair last April, proclaims itself natural and free of such nasty things as paraben, silicone, and other potentially toxic additives.  Instead, women are treated to a farmer's bounty of ingredients, to include: pomegranate, sunflower, oak apple, wheat-germ oil...and more.

Taking a look at his Face & Neck Serum, there is indeed many delightful things.  Shea butter and nutrient-rich sea water soften and feed the skin, while grape seed oil and sage oil act as natural astringents to tighten and tone. Of particular interest is the inclusion of chlorella vulgaris extract, which is a vitamin B compound found in green algae.  Rich in protein and an antioxidant champion, it primarily functions as total collagen synthesis stimulator.

That's the good.  Now on to the questionably bad and potentially ugly.  Limonene and linalool, both derivatives from lavender, call for a cautious pause.  As previous posts point out there has been some controversy surrounding these two (a single university study reports that they cause cancer).   Check out What is it: Lavender and skin safety for further information.

Other downers include a slew of preservatives that are either proven irritants, such as ethylhexyleglycerin, and dehydroacetic acid, or have the demonstrated potential to arrest the central nervous system as phenoxyethanol seems to do (according to the FDA recently).

At $70 for a 50 ml tube, I'm not convinced that Joshi is worth the price of its pudding--no matter how tempting some of its ingredients sound.

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