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Julie Kay: my hydration regimen

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Dry Skin, Oily Skin
April 13, 2010 Reviewed by JulieKay 0 Comments
I have a strong belief in Karma. I have no background in Eastern faiths, but have become drawn to them spiritually in the last few years. I do believe that all things happen for a reason and precisely when you need them to happen. I was married young and had my only child in my 20s; divorced and was a single parent in my 30s. I learned many life lessons during my 30s. I let so much petty stuff go and learned to seek battles worth fighting. I looked in the mirror each morning with my bottle of European Collagen Complex and, while rubbing it into my skin, told myself I would one day be grateful- I actually remember thinking that. I remarried at 38 to an engineer, who, by the way, is of 100% Chinese heritage! I love his sheer, simple logic in all things. His Libra keeps my Aquarius balanced. Juxtaposed to this is my best friend, who’s 17 years younger than me. Together we chatter like birds and laugh like crazy- neither exercise causes excess wrinkles! Laughter is like spring water to your soul.

It all sounds blissful. Mostly true. But without yin, there would be no yang. The past year, I have fought an inner ear syndrome (BPPV- for the curious) that drawn down to its simplest verb can be called vertigo. Vicious dizziness. I thought I had it conquered last December (a good physical therapist can work wonders), but it returned a couple months ago. Seems if I’m going to cough- I might spur an attack. I became something of an invalid; sad story, true. Yet me, being me- I am not giving up on my skin, right!? Every day, I was doing my best to adhere to my regimen. Then, the everyday part started to crack a little…

There’s a reason I’m sharing this with you. My dizzys really limited my movement. After a while I didn’t *want* to do normal things. Never in my life, for example, have I not showered daily. But I began… skipping.

Our bodies are composed of like 80% water. I’ve always found it hard to drink enough water, but a couple years ago I began forcing that issue, and I have noted that my skin reflects it. I lather my main potion (Skinn Crease and Release Triple Action Day Cream) on my skin’s surfaces to hydrate, and lately, I’ve come to realize that my showers are important in that they present yet another opportunity at hydration- from the surface inward. Admittedly, I don’t think much water is absorbed, but I do believe it helps. During my showers is when I coat my face (arms, neck, chest) with Burt’s Bees Orange Essence and let it soak in while I wash my hair and body before I rinse it off- I’ve never found it oiling up my skin.

I believe the older I get the more important it is to expose the skin of my face to every available source of hydration; especially, in the pure form of water, and, when finished, a good sealant to retain the moisture. At night I still rely on Skinn Wrinkle Balm Night Treatment (for combination skin). Skip this step and I know it the next day! I’d love to find the definitive serum, but after trying a host of “affordable” ones, I’m still searching. Currently I’m using Skin Perfection Rejuvenate Serum. Which I prefer as a daytime serum only. I need to find one for nighttime that will sink in deeply and do an intensive job of restoration. One with good botanicals. For example (not limited to): horsetail, hibiscus, iris, rice bran extract, yeast extract and essential oils; niacin and carnosine and some considered cosmetic actives (Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Pepha-Tight). While I consider Matrixyl 3000 a must day and night- I believe you can overdo Argireline. At least my skin doesn’t like too much.

I must add, for clarity, that while it seems I’m leaving out things like hair, arms, knees, décolleté and such, and I am- I will discuss these areas in future. Every part of me has a story to tell as I approach my seventh decade. Yikes!

When I first skipped a shower, at first, I didn’t notice. After a couple months of staggered every-other-day showers I definitely saw my left puppet lines becoming starker, deeper and harder to diminish. If I took showers four days in a row, again, and really lavished my face in potions, it all plumped back and tightened up. But more slowly, more stubbornly.

I went to my dentist in November. We go back a very long way, and I consider him a close friend. I brought the topic up myself. How I’d been fighting this *thing* and thought I looked a lot older. That didn’t lessen my shock when he responded with, “Yes, it shows in your eyes- your eyes look like a cancer survivor’s eyes.” I wanted to cry, but instead I owned up to the fact that I had slacked off too far. I had work to do. Lots of work. I needed YBF’s Correct (day) and iQ Derma Restoreyes (night) in a daily regimen.

What might be casual maintenance at 50 is (especially, after an illness) intensive practice at nearly 60. I may have used up all my hydration reserves- my face will give me no quarter. I have been put on full alert: Love it or lose it. I’m trying to make amends. My skin is fighting me every step of the way, but I won’t give up! I’m a stubborn chick. I do not intend to look my age- vanity? Fine. I can handle vain. I intend to live a long life, and I intend to keep ‘em guessing.

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