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Junko- Old Hair and New Hair

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Thinning Hair & Shedding
Reviewed by Junko May 20, 2010 10 Comments

By Junko

Let’s talk about my old hair first. On average hair grows six inches per year or half an inch per month that makes the later part of my hair about five years old. Five years is a long time to be hanging around enduring every other day washings, blow dryings and exposure to the outside elements. Not to mention daily abuse from cheap brushes, hair-bands, clips and heat driven straightening and curling devices. Its no wonder then that split ends had me cutting off each year’s growth, making its length fairly consistent from year to year. For most of my life I’ve had long hair, but I can’t recall when it has been this long. From crown to end it measures 30 inches and I give full credit for this and it’s lack of split ends today to Marta.

In the beginning of 2009, I read enough on TIA about sulfates to ditch my beloved Pantene Pro-V for safer, healthier products. This change drastically reduced the amount of split ends my old hair develops now. I am in need of a trim as layers cut 9 months ago make the bottom look scraggly, but those ends have very few splits in them. I’ve almost gone a year without a cut so at this rate, I should be able to add 4 inches of length each andevery year!

At the beginning of 2009 TIA didn’t have a 5 Best Shampoo or Conditioner category yet, so I purchased reviewed and recommended’s along with a few from my local drugstore. If you read my throw everything at it facial routine from last month, my initial hair care approach was again, the same. Must be something in my personality that drives me to do this, but nonetheless, Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue and Nutra-Lift are the favorites that came out of it. Both brands are wonderful for cleansing, conditioning and keep my hair healthy.

Let’s talk about my new hair now and we can talk about those forehead wrinkles later. Looking like Cousin It from the back, you’d never think there’d be any sparsity on my head, but my widow’s peaks are lacking. Age has made those widow’s peaks even sparser, but a new row of bangs and growth has begun from the use of Folligen Hair & Scalp Nutrient Cream ($22 in the TIA Shop), Osmotics FNS Follicle Nutrient Serum ($69) & Clearly Emu Oil ($25 in the TIA shop).

Individually, each of these products has potential to grow hair and initially I started with just the Folligen. I applied Folligen every day and slept with a mask of it on 2 nights a week. Hair grew but it was extremely dry, so dry it was crunchy even. I added a layer of Clearly Emu Oil to my night masks hoping to reverse the dryness, but that only helped a little. Dryness was still a problem but alas, Clearly Emu helped speed up the Folligen growth. A desire for something less greasy for day use led me to try FNS Follicle Nutrient Serum. FNS isn’t greasy and has softened the dry Folligen hairs beautifully, but doesn’t seem to grow hair very fast. Thus, being a woman of excess, my regime includes all 3 products. FNS Serum every day with twice a week sleep masks which includes the layering of all 3 products. I may never grow heavy frontal hair like Pamela Anderson or Denise Richards, but since I’m getting results, I’ll stick with it. I’m remembering too that FNS is supposed to show results after 6 months, and so far I’m at halftime.

My thanks to Kim for sharing her hair routine with all of us last month. I’ve started taking the Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair Skin & Hair supplements, my take-away and pearl from her hair journey. Of course to TIA and to Marta, my thanks for all the hairs on my head, the old and the new!

  • May 27, 2010

    by Junko

    Hi Jaysie ~ You are correct on frequency and mask definition. As a woman of excessive, thick, means THICK and you could do without the FNS in the mask. I add it cause I have it so what the heck. I only applying all of these from ear to ear on the hairline area. Don't forget like I did in the beginning to apply not only to where hair already exists, but also apply to where you WANT the hair if there is none :) I really, really recommend using the Emu with the Folligen. You should see hair in 2-4 weeks. I love the Emu and if it were cheaper, I'd put this on my entire scalp on mask nights. I'll definitely will post back in another 3 months regarding the FNS. For those considering costs, 1 bottle of FNS applied just to the hairline will last about 3 months = $20.00 per month.

  • May 27, 2010

    by Jaysie

    Junko - Just so I'm are using FNS once every day, but are using Folligen + Emu only twice a week via overnight masks? And by "mask" do you mean just an extra-thick coating? How long did it take to see new hair with the Folligen?

    It's premature now, but I hope you will let us know after you have passed the 6 month mark with FNS, if you think all three products are still necessary.

  • May 27, 2010

    by Laura

    Junko, I haven't tried the Emu oil with the folligen cream so I'll give that a try. I alternate the products which means I'm not sure what is or is not working, although it's too early to tell at this point. I like using the sprays because it's much easier to get at the roots (i.e. scalp) than the cream and the emu oil. I've also tried the cream for eyelash growth but it stings my eyelids.

    I like the Boost spray because it has great ingredients and is inexpensive. The volume shampoo works great on my hair, and they also have a growth shampoo which I think I will try as well.

    The lady who sells the vinegar rinse (BJRussell on is now selling the herbs to infuse into cider vinegar for a homemade solution which gives you way more for your money. I just ordered some to try. I suggest trying one of her ready made Rinses to try (I used the Rose & Nettles to stimulate hair growth). I find it really rinses out any residue and makes my hair so soft and holds the style for the day. Good luck, let me know if you try it and what you think.

  • May 26, 2010

    by Junko

    Laura, Do you use the Emu with the Folligen Cream? When combined, I swear this doubles the speed of growth compared to Folligen alone. I've been thinking about trying the Vinegar rinse too. What do you think about the Folligen Spray and the Boost Spray? I haven't tried either of those and would like to know your thoughts on those.

    Amy ~ we can easily miss a great comment and link like this one from Sheila ~ glad I found it so I could post it back as new for everyone again.

  • May 26, 2010

    by Amy Henderson

    Hi Junko - thanks so much for the tip on the cosmetics database - it's always helpful to have more information. It's hard to believe how much I've learned from TIA and everyone who writes about their experiences. I've heard about vinegar from several different sources - my next thing to try!!

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