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Kahina Facial Lotion- reader reviewed and recommended

July 18, 2012 Reviewed by Becky 0 Comments

Argan oil may be touted to solve almost every beauty problem out there, but it definitely can’t prevent husband interference. By this I mean clumsiness. Mine dropped my brand new Kahina Facial Lotion ($62/1.7oz)) on the floor the day after I got it, breaking the pump top off completely. I have been gingerly dispensing it ever since – a worthwhile endeavor for this fantastic and effective product.

I just hit 45 a few months ago and while my combo/oily skin isn’t known for its dryness, I do find that I need a night cream to top off the serums I use (NutraLift Wrinkle Repair and Osmosis Replenish Antioxidant Repair) and the occasional Retin A. The experience of using the Kahina Facial Lotion was wonderful: a barely there scent and a very silky feel that persisted after the lotion was quickly absorbed. I really liked that I could feel a bit of a tacky layer after I massaged it in. Not sticky – more like a protected feeling. I had been seeking something like this in other moisturizers I had randomly been trying (not TIA picks) and had been disappointed to feel little to no change in the dryness or suppleness of my skin after applying them.

The Kahina lotion definitely and immediately improved how my skin felt without going too much the other way and generating any extra oil. My skin also seemed more balanced when I woke up. My cheeks were still moisturized yet my nose and chin were not as oily feeling as with other products. However, I did not try the lotion during the day under makeup. I already use too many layers of serums and sunscreen and didn’t want to add more. I use it on my hands as well, and my nails have been great! They are now strong and fast-growing, something Marta had noted in her review of the Kahina Beauty Serum too. I have read argan oil can also help with acne, which makes sense given its purported anti-inflammatory properties. I did not break out from using this lotion at all, even though it is heavier than what I typically use.

This is my first time using argan oil, despite all the advertising exhorting me to try it in everything. There have even been studies testing the efficacy of ingesting argan oil for heart health. The particular argan oil used in Kahina products that contribute to this nice experience has been discussed several times on TIA already, but I was curious enough to check out the details on the Kahina website about how it is harvested. There is a difference between the argan oil saturating the market and the product included in Kahina: goats. More specifically, they eat the exterior pulp that surrounds the argan nut itself. Products like Kahina’s that use the oil harvested from the nuts that still contains the pulp – before the goats get to them – are superior to ones that don’t. Knowing this will make me a more careful consumer of argan oil in the future. I definitely want to try other Kahina offerings, so I won’t need to worry about this for a while.

I had no problem with any of the ingredients in this delightful lotion, and I appreciate the focus on organic, natural and equitable production methods. Now maybe if Kahina can find a way to prevent husbands from knocking over this precious commodity, I won’t soon find myself digging the product out with a spoon!

Ingredients: Water, argan oil*, glycerin, japanese honeysuckle extract*, shea butter*, sodium PCA, sorbitan olivate, xanthum gum, betaine, acacia gum, behenyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, argan leaf extract, organic lecithin, beeswax*, phospholipids, glycolipids, soybean oil, soybean sterols, levulinic acid, potassium sorbate, l-arginine, sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid

*Ingredient from Organic Farming

95% of botanical ingredients are organic; 100% natural


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