We told you your opinion counted and thanks to KaplanMD we can deliver. Truth In Aging VIPs were asked to tell us how to improve this website and nearly 200 of you responded. Each one of you that filled in our survey will be sent a deluxe sample set from KaplanMD. The sets will be be mailed to you this week so very soon VIPs will be able to try KaplanMD's Perfecting Serum, a new favorite of mine, the eye cream and much more (just about everything in the range, in fact). So a big thank you to Dr K.

To those of you who took the time to give us your feedback, I can't really thank you enough. And while we got a lot of love from you (much appreciated), your ideas and constructive criticism have given me invaluable insights into how we can improve what we do. I feel very inspired and energized to take Truth In Aging to the next level. In two years or so, we've come a long way from being a little blog with an embarrassing amount of typos (although one sharp-eyed VIP pointed out that our grammar is still lacking!) but a lot of ambition. There's lot further to go and we'll be using your suggestions to help us get there. Some of themes that cropped up included:

Making it easier to navigate the site, find the good stuff and get to the articles that you really need, as well getting clearer, see-at-a-glance information on whether a product meets your needs and budget. There are some quick fixes that we can make and we'll get to work on these. But to do this properly, will require some new database architecture. To help us getting right, we'll be setting up a focus group and reaching out to those of you who went to town on this issue in your survey answers. Anyone who wants to get involved can also email me at marta@truthinaging.

We'll also use some of your ideas to streamline the home page and make it easier to access different parts of the website.

Not surprisingly, many of you asked us to cover products that are more affordable. I hear you and will redouble our efforts. However, we can only be as good as the industry. One of things we can do and are doing is to encourage the pricier manufacturers to come up with good sized samples and perhaps even maintenance products that are priced more keenly. We are just starting to have those conversations and the initial response is encouraging.

Very soon, you'll start to see some improvements to the navigation and search in the TIA shop and more competitive pricing on shipping, as well as more offers and discounts. Talking of the shop, only two people said that they thought that we plugged products in the shop too much and perhaps were comprising our objectivity. Two out of 200 is two too many. We plug things in the shop because, by default, they are the things I like. However, almost all of you said that you come to TIA for its objectivity and curiosity and so that must never, ever be compromised. Thank you for keeping me honest.

Oh and if something else strikes you, or you are not a VIP but want to weigh in anyhow, just leave a comment