kat burki hand therapy

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on January 29, 2014


by Erica

At 45, I've never found a hand cream I like enough to use daily. Strong scents are irritating, and I can't stand the slimy coating most lotions leave on my skin. Unfortunately, the lack of attention to my hands shows. They're crepey, dry and red.

My dissatisfaction with hand creams left me doubtful that Kat Burki Hand Therapy ($42) could do any better, despite its claimed "to moisturize and maintain softness to even the driest of hands." What a pleasant surprise when it proved up to the challenge!

Winter always leaves me with painful, bleeding cracks on my knuckles and fingertips due to the cold, dry outdoors and forced-air heat inside. And this has been no average winter! In the Midwest, we've had the coldest snap in 20 years with wind chills reaching 40 below zero for days on end. Yet my hands are super soft thanks to Kat Burki.

The term "hand therapy" may conjure up disinfectant-like medicinal ointments. Nope! Kat Burki Hand Therapy is an elegant blend of aloe, herbs and oils. The white cream has a subtle, natural floral scent and no glisten to it whatsoever.

I like to massage a cranberry-sized dollop into my knuckles and fingertips, then smoothed it down the backs of my hands. It absorbs quickly, leaving no residue or shine on the skin. That being said, this cream is thick. Use too much and you'll be left with a white coating on your hands.

Kat Burki Hand Therapy is beautifully packaged in an embossed ivory-colored box. It is pretty, but personally I don't care much about packaging. It's headed to the recycle bin as fast as I can get it there. The only interest I have in packaging is that it properly dispenses the product and isn't toxic. This hand cream comes in a sturdy squeeze tube with a flip top that does the job just fine.

Some may balk at the $42 price tag on 4.4 ounces of hand cream. I did at first. I am one of those people who will invest in high-quality products for my face but go cheap for anything south of the neck, especially something that instructs me to "apply frequently throughout the day," as Kat Burki Hand Therapy does.

I didn't want to use the hand cream frequently. I figured it'd be gone in no time. Plus, I'm a twice-a-day kind of gal when it comes to my beauty routine. I get ready for work in the morning, and I get ready for bed at night. I don't want to deal with touch ups in between. At first, I adopted that practice with Kat Burki Hand Therapy. I was so pleased with the results that I now find myself dabbing it on throughout the day. After more than a month of use, the tube is still two-thirds full.

Kat Burki Hand Therapy is an investment I want to make, and I'm not the only one to fall in love with it. W Magazine named it "Best Hand Cream of 2014," after it got the thumbs up from publication's beauty director. If you've never found the perfect hand cream, give this one a try.