Kate Ryan Nutritive Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on January 6, 2016


by Susan Lefaivre

I agreed to test out Kate Ryan Nutritive Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover ($40) for Truth in Aging. I have combination skin and also am dealing with the aging process. I have always stayed away from oil-based products. This time, I wanted to explore the benefits of oil. I am 52 years old and want to try every product on the market to help  my skin from showing its  age.

I thought this would be a great way to cleanse my skin each night. It states that it’s “gentle, effective cleansing action leaves skin clean, nourished, and with the right moisture balance.” Sounds great in theory, but it did not do that for me. I always approach discovery with an open mind, so why should this be different? I applied Kate Ryan cleanser to my skin at night, hoping my skin would be nourished and smooth. After washing away the residual, my skin was dry and tight. When it got near my eyes to remove eye makeup, it irriated my eyes terribly. I thought maybe this was just a fluke, so I religiously cleansed my face every night for the next three weeks, until I decided this wasn’t a match for me. My skin was not any softer, and I did not see any change in it’s texture and it did not remove all my make up.

This product has some wonderful ingredients, including many antioxidants like resveratrol, green tea, caster oil, wheat germ oil, coenzyme Q10, pomegranate oil and the awesome DMAE, known to firm and lift skin.

I am very disappointed that I could not incorporate this product into my routine. One suggestion I would make is that it might be much more convenient to have the product dispensed on a soft wipe. This way, one would be able to see if their skin was really clear of makeup residue.